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Delta Ponds Project: (from January 99 Newsletter)
In the election last November, a parks bond measure was passed in Eugene. Apparently, one of the items for which funds will be used involves the Delta Ponds. I don't know the specifics of the plans, nor am I familiar enough with city government to know where to find out. However, those ponds could be transformed into a very nice system of connected canoe trails if channels were created between the ponds and more of the Willamette were allowed to flow through them. As they stand now, they are essentially useless for recreation. During the summer they get somewhat unpleasant with the extensive algae and weed growth and the accompanying odor. Before Valley River was built, the ponds (actually, old gravel pits) had enough of a water flow to support a respectable bass fishery and had little or no algae problem. It seems to me the Club might well be interested in at least investigating the feasibility of such a project and perhaps pursuing it as a club endeavor. I would be willing to assist in any way I could in such a project.      
Chris Luneski

Notes from the Prez : (from February 99 Newsletter)

I'm excited by the idea of the Delta Ponds wildlife refuge and swamp. I've often thought it would be fun to be able to paddle around the ponds getting a closer look at all the wildlife. I've also often wondered if it is possible to increase recreation use of the ponds without adversely affecting the existing ecosystem.
It's an interesting dilemma. We take an old river channel, excavate sand and gravel leaving huge ugly holes filled with water, ignore the whole mess for thirty years till it evolves into a living swamp, then try to preserve this new thing by changing it to suit our new ideas of what we want. Is it hubris or do we really think we can change and control the natural world without creating irreparable impact?
I think it's hubris but I selfishly hope we can have our wetland and paddle it too.
See you on the water - Omar

Notes from the Prez : (from March 99 Newsletter)

I was driving out Delta highway the other day and noticed several great blue herons in the trees at the pond on the east side of the highway. It appeared that they were building nests. Monday the 15th I drove past again and they are definitely building nests. I thought it strange that the normally shy birds would be nesting so close to noisy civilization so I asked Kit Larsen from the Audobon Society about it and he said that it's not that unusual as long as there is no direct contact with people. I asked him if canoeists would be a problem and he thought not, saying that the most immediate need for the ponds is more water to keep the water more clean and pure during the summer. So is it possible to develop Delta Ponds for water recreation? I'm not sure. I have some names and numbers of people at the city if someone wants to follow-up and get more information.
See you on the water, Omar

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