February 1999 Volume VI Number 2.

Next Meeting:

!!! Winter Schedule Meeting!!

Mar 2nd @7:00pm 3925 Hilyard Street Episcopal Church


Winter and Spring meetings:

First Tuesday of every month, 7:00 p.m.

Episcopal Church of the Resurrection

3925 Hilyard St., Eugene

Summer meetings:

First Tuesday of every month, 6:30 p.m. Various boating sites; watch Newsletter for details.


Next Newsletter: Deadline Mar 27, 1999

Note: If you have membership applications they should have this address:

3273 Wintercreek Dr. Eugene, Or 97405

other forms are old and should be thrown away. The new forms are on pink paper.


FEBRUARY MEETING OF THE CASCADE CANOE CLUB Minutes. (following the Special insert: Canoeing Alaska partII(editor)


Notes from the Prez :

I'm excited by the idea of the Delta Ponds wildlife refuge and swamp. I've often thought it would be fun to be able to paddle around the ponds getting a closer look at all the wildlife. I've also often wondered if it is possible to increase recreation use of the ponds without adversely affecting the existing ecosystem.

It's an interesting dilemma. We take an old river channel, excavate sand and gravel leaving huge ugly holes filled with water, ignore the whole mess for thirty years till it evolves into a living swamp, then try to preserve this new thing by changing it to suit our new ideas of what we want. Is it hubris or do we really think we can change and control the natural world without creating irreparable impact?

I think it's hubris but I selfishly hope we can have our wetland and paddle it too.

See you on the water - Omar


Screen Shows Information:

Slide shows for up-coming meetings are great entertainment for our Winter meetings. I need to be notified at least two weeks before so I can get the word out to the RG and also so it can get in the newsletter.

Thanks J Robert Horner


March 2 1999 program

Club Slide/Picture Sharing Party

It's time for us all to pick out some of our favorite outdoor slide/pictures and bring them to the March meeting. They can be of an outdoor or nature subject that you would like to share with the rest of the club. We want those pictures that we all take of our outdoor activities (canoeing or whatever) and then can't find anyone to show them to. To add to the festivities of this occasion, the club will provide liquid refreshment. You bring pictures and maybe a friend, finger desserts or other goodies.

By:Carolyn Wayland


April Meeting:   Canoe Design & Materials

So- why does the Dagger Encore turn more easily than my Wenonah Spirit II and why does the Old Town Tripper carry more gear than the Mad RiverMalecite? Is Royalex better than carbon-fiber?

Tom Mooney of River Runner Supply knows and will tell all. His talk will include large visual aids to show us how design features affect a boat's handling.

Tom's knowledge and humor should make this an enlightening and entertaining evening.


May Meeting:   Canoe Camping

Our highly active program committee has roped in a new voice to host one of our more popular meeting topics.

Guy Santiago of Oregon River Sports will entertain us with a show and tell about the joys of canoe camping. Guy has been boating and camping nearly forever so he should know what he's talking about.

Among other problems he will help us solve it that perennial question- to bring or not to bring the Dutch oven.


March 20 -Tahkenitch Lake trip:

Originally we talked about an Eel Lake trip for March but just the thought of the slimy little things gave me goosebumps so we changed the trip to Tahkenitch Lake and possibly exploring the creek also.(Tahkenitch is an Indian word for "many- armed", and so it is with about 100 miles of shoreline.) The lazy creek offers great birding along its 2 mile path along the dunes to the estuary. The lake lies 13 miles south of Florence and 8 miles north of Reedsport.

The date for this trip is March 20 and we will meet at Rivers Runners at 8 AM and pull out by 8:30. Bring the usual; rain gear, lunch and enough spare change to buy the coordinator a bowl of chowder at MO's after the Paddle. Hope to see a good turn-out. By: Robert Horner


Siltcoos Trip - February 26-28

The Siltcoos (or Tsiltsoos for us old timers) trip is this w/e Feb 26-28th. We have the LCC cabins reserved for Friday and Saturday night with a departure time of midday Sunday. The Lake has good birding, fishing, and shoreline to explore.

Contact Dixie or Mike at 343-3028 for last minute map, reservations, meal planning.


Club Web Page Information:

By: Horst Lueck

Guideline for publishing -- affecting Newsletter and the Web site are available on our Web site:

If you have other suggestions let us know. Send your input to 'canoe@efn.org' or call Horst at 687 5796.



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