January 1999 Volume VI Number 1.

Next Meeting:

!!! Winter Schedule Meeting!!

Feb 2nd @7:00pm 3925 Hilyard St Episcopal Church


Winter and Spring meetings:

First Tuesday of every month, 7:00 p.m.

Episcopal Church of the Resurrection

3925 Hilyard St., Eugene

Summer meetings:

First Tuesday of every month, 6:30 p.m. Various boating sites Watch Newsletter for details


Next Newsletter: Deadline Feb 20, 1999



The Cascade Canoe Club met on Tuesday, January 5, 1999 at the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection little after 7pm.

Future trips were announced and discussed. The Siltsoos trip using LCC Cabins will be on February 26th, 27th and 28th. Trips on the Pistol River and the North Fork were discussed also. Membership applications are due. The program for the February Meeting is uncertain at this time. A picture party with slides is scheduled for March. If people have slides to show this is the time even if you only have one great one bring it.

Using two computers Horst Lueck presented the program and demonstrated the Web page he created for us. This is really an excellent way to publicize the club. He included many subjects on the Web page including a statement of purpose, Photo Album, sales/wanted column and future trips. This will afford many possibilities. Useful links include River and Tide levels. Thanks, Horst for this excellent job. Click on www.efn.org/~canoe to get to the web site. The question of personal confidentiality was discussed. Is this a problem when names and addresses are listed? Horst stayed longer for those wishing further discussion {see 'Guidelines' in this newsletter and on Web page, HL}. Meeting adjorned after 9:00pm. Mary Brattin, recorder.


Siltcoos Trip - February 26-28

The Siltcoos (or Tsiltsoos for us old timers) trip is coming up soon. We are ready to embark on our 3rd annual Siltcoos Lake overnight trip Feb 26th - 28th. We have the LCC cabins reserved for Friday and Saturday night with a departure time of midday Sunday. We will have a group dinner on Friday and Saturday night and a group breakfast on Sunday morning. Everyone is responsible for their own lunches and breakfast Saturday morning. Bring sleeping bags, pillows, towels, soap, etc. The cabins have good beds, kitchens equipped with stove, refrigerator, dishes , pots, flatware, etc. The cabins have good showers and everything except maid service. So things are pretty basic.

The conference room’s large windows look over the Lake and is a great place to just hang out visit and watch birds if the weather is bad. Bring board games, books, and conversation for the evenings and times we are not out exploring the Lake. The Lake has good birding, fishing, and shoreline to explore. Note: The Siltcoos Station Cabins are owned by Lane Community College and run on a very tight budget. Plan time to thoroughly clean your cabin before leaving. The cabins are located South of Florence off Canary Road, on Siltcoos Station Road.

Contact Dixie or Mike at the February Meeting or call 343-3028 for a map, reservations, meal planning.

Screen Shows scheduled:

Slide shows for up-coming meetings are great entertainment for our normally boring winter meetings. I need to be notified at least two weeks before so I can get the word out to the RG and also so it can get in the newsletter.

Our club is going through a bit of a transition right now, it seems, and that is good for change is as natural as the seasons For myself, I will always be in full support of our new club officers and ready to paddle new places and help out where I can. It's great to see new people stepping forward like Mary for "always able" Lyn as secretary and the enthusiastic duo of Horst and Ken as co-VPs while "can't say no" Omar is back in the stern as Pres. It's a new year of exploring unfamiliar waterways, looking for that special campsite to pitch your tent and set up camp so you can start preparation of one of those tasteful freeze-dried meals you bought at REI. It's what we enjoy doing next to lake or stream with the grand finale being to just lay back and look at the stars. Share your paddle adventures with other club members via the newsletter or meetings cause maybe we might like to go there too. Happy paddling in '99 and remember pack out what you pack-in.~Ex,ex Pres......Robert


February 2, 1999 program:

A collection of slides from a trip to the Warner Wetlands Canoe Trail, with a few images from Spring River and Waldo and Gold Lakes presented by Chris Luneski.
Chris is a member of the club and a professional photographer. Though he has built four kayaks and owned two others, he considers himself to be a neophyte paddler, as most of his paddling experience has been confined to fishing and photographing on relatively placid waters. His only white-water experience of note involved swimming down the Rogue trying to hang onto an inflatable kayak which insisted on ejecting him for no discernible reason.

Delta Ponds Project:

In the election last November, a parks bond measure was passed in Eugene. Apparently, one of the items for which funds will be used involves the Delta Ponds. I don't know the specifics of the plans, nor am I familiar enough with city government to know where to find out. However, those ponds could be transformed into a very nice system of connected canoe trails if channels were created between the ponds and more of the Willamette were allowed to flow through them. As they stand now, they are essentially useless for recreation. During the summer they get somewhat unpleasant with the extensive algae and weed growth and the accomanying odor. Before Valley River was built, the ponds (actually, old gravel pits) had enough of a water flow to support a respectable bass fishery and had little or no algae problem. It seems to me the Club might well be interested in at least investigating the feasibility of such a project and perhaps pursuing it as a club endeavor. I would be willing to assist in any way I could in such a project. - Chris Luneski


Club Web Page Information:

By: Horst Lueck

Guideline for publishing -- affecting Newsletter and the our Web site:

A) Newsletter: send a copy of those articles you are submitting to the editor also to our e-mail address. We will post them before the newsletter is actually published. Preferred formats are:

a) plain text as part of the body of your mail,

b) attachments in HTML format,

c) attachments in MS-Word format.

Put any instructions for the Web master in curly brackets{ }. For instance, if you are a trip coordinator but do not want your phone number to appear on the Web put a {NP} behind the phone number (NP for Not Public); on the other hand, if you want to add some information you can say {web master: print bold and add link to someHot URL}. The exact formulation is not critical - just use those {curly brackets}.

B) Other Notes for posting on the Web -- same guidelines as in (A).

C) Pictures: submit your photos attached as JPG files in sufficient color resolution; don't use 256 color GIFs and try to keep the size below 100 KB. Chris Luneski has offered help to club members in getting their photos digitized.

Footnote: Horst's images were digitized using a service called 'Kodak Picture on Disk ' . This is a fairly inexpensive service when done together with the 1st time development at any regular development store. It is not our intention to favor a specific service over another -- if you have other suggestions let us know.

'www.efn.org/~canoe'. Send your input to 'canoe@efn.org' or call Horst at 687 5796.

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