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- September 2003 -

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Welcome to the September newsletter!

We had a pretty good turnout for the CCC gathering at Summit Lake. Many thanks to Phil for putting it together and picking such a nice spot - and for bringing so many boats :). Summit lake was nearly as clear as Crater lake and I felt a touch of vertigo as I glided across its surface. Even the distracting din of mosquitoes failed to dampen the experience. The viewing of the polar icecap on Mars through a homemade telescope was icing on the cake. To cap the trip Cheryl and I hiked up to Indigo lake (which, by the way, is true to its name), dogging dozens of little toads dotting the trail on the way up (they were gone later). A very memorable weekend indeed.
- the editor

---: News :---    

Volunteers Needed for EC CCC Booth

Our club will once again have a booth on the Community Causeway at the Eugene Celebration, September 19th through the 21st. Robert and Omar will set things up both Saturday and Sunday mornings and staff the booth until 11:00am, after which volunteers will be needed. As an added incentive, the purchase of two (2) admission "pins" has been approved which will be lent out to volunteers. For more info and to sign up see the Wiki planning page, or call Robert Horner at 342-2246.

River Access Bill SB-928 in 11th Hour

Despite opposition by boaters, SB-928 is heading more or less intact to the Rules and Public Affairs committee. The main sticking point appears to be wording requiring boaters to stay within 10 feet of the water's edge and/or below the high water mark. The bill as it currently exists is viewable at http://www.leg.state.or.us/searchmeas.html (click "Senate Measure" and enter 928 in the search box). You can read all about the opposition at http://www.defeat-sb293.org/. As it hasn't passed yet there is still time to let your representatives know how you feel. You can find your legislators at http://www.leg.state.or.us/findlegsltr/findset.htm.

Down on the Rogue - a motley crew were we!
Rogue River ~ August 2003 - photo by Lee Paulus

Trip Participant Sign-up Sheet Available

A trip participant sign-up sheet has been created for use by trip coordinators. The idea is to collect the pertinent contact info that might be needed in the event of a mishap. The sheet is a web document which can be printed from most any browser and is located on the CCC web site: http://canoe.freeshell.org/ (third column, fourth row on Site Map).

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Lower Deschutes (near Maupin) - Labor Day Weekend

This is the same trip as last year which was a lot of fun. Don't expect peace and tranquility - Labor Day weekend brings this popular stretch of the Deschutes its last big crush of humanity. A campsite has been reserved and lots space is available. Please call or see the Wiki planning page for more info: http://wiki.euglug.org/index.php/LowerDeschutes
Coordinator: Horst ~ 687-5796

September Meeting, Potluck and Paddle - Sept. 2nd, 6:30 PM

The September meeting will be held at the Corp of Engineers Shore Lane Park at Fern Ridge Reservoir Tuesday, September 2nd at 6:30 pm. We will share a potluck while reviewing club matters and planning upcoming trips. After the meeting, depending on interest and conditions, we will do some paddling on the reservoir (it may be windy with small waves). For directions see the Fern Ridge Reservoir Meeting Locations map on our web site.

  • Discuss Eugene Celebration materials, volunteer efforts
  • Fall trip planning
  • Ideas for off-season presentations, etc

North Fork Siuslaw (Oregon coast) - September 7th

Hi Paddlers, I am organizing a paddle on the north fork of the Siuslaw on Sept. 7th, a Sunday. The put in is at the boat landing three miles up the north fork of the Siuslaw Road which is just this side of Florence. High tide up there is about 12:50 so my plan is to put in at noon and paddle upstream for a bit with the tide an then paddle down with the outgoing tide the approx. 4 miles to the public boat landing in Florence. This is a flatwater trip, we may encounter some wind when we hit the Siuslaw three miles downstream but it is usually light in the fall. Can you believe we're talking fall?

For those that want to drive together we will leave the parking lot at the Dairy Queen in Veneta - on HWY 126 - promptly at 10:30am. Bring a picnic lunch. Please let me know if you're coming --
katmar "at" castleisp "dot" com. Hope to see you there.

Coordinator: Mary M. ~ 461-8800

Clear Lake (off Old McKenzie Highway) - September 21st

A flatwater trip. Clear lake is located on the west side of the Cascades off OR-126 and known for its crystal clear waters. Meet 9:00am at east end of parking lot of Springfield Safeway (intersection of Pioneer and "Q" streets). For additional info see USFS. Please call to confirm.

Coordinator: Penelope Y. ~ 683-2681

Middle Fork Willamette - Dexter Dam to Jasper Bridge - September 28th

This is a fairly easy class-I local run well described in Soggy Sneakers (#72, page 113). Meet under the Jasper bridge at 10:00 a.m., where we'll work out the shuttle and head upstream to Dexter dam. Watch email list for updates. Please call or email to comfirm.

Coordinator: Jeff W. ~ 342-8371

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Upper Chetco River - August 15-17, 2003

We originally planned this 9 mile trip as a 2 day self-support kayak trip on a stretch of the river more often boated in the spring. We decided to do it in August when the weather is hot and the water level is low. We thought 2 days would be enough to do the normally one day paddle. We hadn't counted on portaging every rapid. Yes, every single one. We scouted hoping we'd find one to boat but all had rock mazes and picket fences and other impossibilities. We ended up spending 16 hours over 3 days working our way very slowly and carefully down the river. A trip more like hiking over boulders hauling our gear in sleds rather than kayaking.

By the end of the second day when we realized we'd be spending another night, we started to write verses to the tune of Row Row Row Your Boat. Beware of poetry written on the 3rd day of a two day trip!!

Drag, drag drag your boat,
over the pretty rocks,
maybe this trip will be 3 days,
it's gorgeous so who cares.

Drag, drag, drag your boat,
Robustly down the stream,
The moon and Mars, bears and stars,
It's Chetco chert for me!

Drag, drag drag your boat,
soaking up the wondrous scenes,
look what's up ahead again,
another rapid indeed.

Drag, drag, drag your boat,
to sights unseen before,
four women having fun outdoors,
how can it be better than this.

Drag, drag, drag your boat,
Through places man won't go,
A pull, a tug, a squiggly bug,
It takes a woman, you know.

--Mari B.

---: Misc :---    

Cool Link: Inland Sea Kayakers (in Minnesota)

These guys have a great site - easy to navigate and lots of useful info. I especially like the How-To section which has Chuck Holst's plans for making your own dry bags and building a greenland paddle. As I recently broke my Aleut-style paddle up at Fern Ridge, I'm definitely considering trying these plans: http://www.isk.canoe-kayak.org/ -Jeff

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Clarification on email and web addresses

To (hopefully) un-confuse questions regarding 'what is what?' and 'who does it?' in internet land I have tried to sort things out as follows:

< CCC = Cascade Canoe Club >

The CCC webpage     (WebMeister Horst):
or	http://canoe.freeshell.org/ccc_sitemap.shtml

The Wiki event planning page (WikiMaster Jeff):


CCC newsletter:      (editor Jeff)
	jeff "plus" woodall "at" myrealbox "dot" com

CCC contact email:   (maintained by Horst)
	canoe "at" freeshell "dot" org

If you like to have upcoming events posted to both the newsletter and the web, please send message to both, Jeff and Horst (if you don't want to see your announcements posted please let us know too).

August Meeting Minutes

  • six (6) members in attendance, plus one non-member
  • two (2) September trips planned
  • review of website and signup sheet differed to later date
  • pretty tasty goodies consumed
  • location of September meeting planned

Newsletter Contributions Wanted

Got something to add? Anything remotely canoeing related is welcome. Photos, stories, tips, whatever,
can be send it to the editor at    jeffwoodall "at" myrealbox "dot" com .