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- October 2003 -

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Welcome to the October Newsletter!

Wow - its nearly October! Another summer has float by; time to start thinking about Fall: painting the house, taking a class, raking leaves, listening to the crickets' song grow slower and deeper. And thinking about Fall paddling - what better way to view the changing of the season than from the seat of your canoe (or kayak, or...). We've got several trips planned and, with a few more trip coordinators, we'll have even more. -- the editor

---: News :---    

2003 Eugene Celebration Booth Best Yet

Congratulations to all the CCCers who helped make this year's Eugene Celebration booth a big success:

 Phil B.     Mari B.  	Mike H.
 Robert H.   Horst L.  	Mary M.
 Omar N.     Donna R.  	Jeff W.
 Penelope Y.

We gave away over 125 club flyers+applications, along with about 115 of the Willamette River Recreation Guides and related safety pamphlets. Several members contributed photos (in albums and board-mounted), books, paddles, etc., and the new canopy provided some shelter and a place to hang it all.

To help the planners of _next_ year's booth, Horst has created a list of suggestions from various folks. The list is on line and can be viewed here on our web site.

There are still some Willamette River Recreation Guides left; contact Jeff Woodall or come to the next meeting to get one.

High and almost dry: Donna takes a free ride on the White river ferry. See REPORTS for more. ( click to enlarge )
Deschutes River, September 2003 - photo by Horst

Trip Participant Sign-up Sheet Available

A trip participant sign-up sheet has been created for use by trip coordinators. The idea is to collect the pertinent contact info that might be needed in the event of a mishap. The sheet is a web document which can be printed from most any browser and is located on the CCC web site: http://canoe.freeshell.org/ (third column, fourth row on Site Map).

---: Schedule :---    

MF Willamette River, Hills Creek Dam (or Oakridge) to Lookout Pt Reservoir - Oct. 5th

Gradient 18 fpm; Class 2+ / one class 2-3 rapids: 'Hells Gate' (boulders - more technical than big waves), can be scouted from Westfir bridge. For details see Soggy Sneakers run #71; for flow check check Pat Welch's sub-page.

Contact Horst at canoe@efn.org, or 687 5796

CCC Meeting - October 7th, 7:00pm *Winter Location!*

This will be our first indoor meeting this fall. Horst and others will be showing a "digital slide-show". Jeff will bring the leftover Willamette River Guides from the E.C. booth for anyone who wants one. Other agenda items are below:

  • plan November schedule and meeting agenda
  • discuss dates and logistics of proposed Kalamath River trip
  • discuss content and frequency of upcoming winter meetings
  • discuss future of newsletter
  • open floor to any other issues


  South Eugene High School, Room 202
  400 East 19th Avenue
  Eugene, OR

Date/Time: October 7th, 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Directions: See www.sehs.lane.edu

Fall Beach Cleanup and Paddle - October 11th (& 12th?)

This event can be either a day trip or overnighter and will be discussed further at the October meeting. The basic idea is to participate in SOLV's annual Fall Beach Cleanup (10am ~ 1pm), followed by an easy paddle. If there is an interest, a group camp could be had with another paddle on Sunday. Watch the mailing list for updates.

Coordinator: Jeff Woodall ~ 342-8371

Umpqua Estuary - Sat/Sun. Oct. 25/26

Meet at 8 am at Suzy's in the boat basin (breakfast); Put-in 9:45am at the old boat ramp. This can be a day-trip for some and an overnighter for others. Our camp will be close enough to the put-in so that those who wish to leave Saturday afternoon will have a short paddle, with a tidal assist, to get back to the cars.

The Saturday evening low tide will be a clam-tide if anyone is so inclined. Others may hike in the dunes, hike on the beach, or paddle to Gardner or up Scholfield Creek ---Whatever a group of at least three boats decides to do. For more information call Phil at 344 8587 or e-mail syp@efn.org .

Coordinator: Phil Backman ~ 344-8587

CCC Mystery Paddle - November 1st

Details TBA

---: Reports :---    

Solo Trip in Moose Valley Provincial Park, BC

I traveled to British Columbia this last month for a solo adventure to Moose Valley Provincial Park. It was about 700 miles north of Eugene; 25 miles west of 100 Mile House. It was a nice little cluster of lakes, most with islands, with lots of lodges (beaver) and loons. I didn't see any moose but it may have been hunting season so they could of been hiding. It was a beautiful area and all the portages were shorter than 500 yds. It was a good opportunity to practice my solo paddling. I will bring information to the October meeting. -- Robert

Fall Colors Coming Out at Clear Lake

Canoed around Clear Lake yesterday the 21st. I think we saw Penelope's group although I'm not sure. Picked up some garbage and saw more that we couldn't get to. The lake was very clear on the North end but seemed to me to be a lot less clear on the South end. The vine maple are just starting to turn. Next week should be just about right. -- Mike BeBout

Lower Deschutes (near Maupin) - Labor Day 2003

The 2nd annual Labor Day Weekend Deschutes trip was (in my grandson's words) "tight"...meaning very good, awesome, etc. Jeff, Horst, Sandin, my grandson BJ and I met at the Oasis Campground late Saturday afternoon, settled in, and did some scouting. We decided to put on the river "early" i.e. 10am...which meant we were one of the first groups on the river. Horst was a little disappointed there weren't more boats to have water fights with, so we stopped at Maupin City Park for a while to wait for more groups to test our stream machines on. Had we been seeking a quiet river adventure, we could have kept going and had the river mostly to ourselves.

We stopped at the mouth of the White River for lunch. Jeff, Sandin, B.J., and I hiked up the White River about a half mile to a place the river went through a chute with a hole at the bottom. It is a great place for people to play with life jackets in the on-your-back,feet-first position. Sandin found out that a high floatation jacket is best for the chute if you want to float above water. After a refreshing time in the water we continued on to upper elevator rapids where we pulled in with the masses of other boaters so that the guys could swim the rapids.

All too soon, we reached the take out at Sandy Beach. It was a perfect day. Hot enough to enjoy the cold river, we aced all the big rapids...in part thanks to Horst's able steering, great company, and we got both the feeling of having the river to ourselves and the chance to play like kids having a great water fight. --Donna

See the Pic Bucket for snapshots of this trip

---: Misc :---    

Klamath River Trip Proposed for Next Summer

(paraphrased from earlier email)

Lee and Ellen Paulus have proposed a trip on the Klamath River in Northern California next summer, camping at the Tree of Heaven C.G. The date is open to suggestions, esp. for those who think they'd like to go but absolutely cannot certain dates. Ellen is thinking earlier summer, such as June, or certain weekends in July for a longer 4-5 day stay. It would be ideal to have a site reserved early in January. Lee has a campsite in mind will accommodate a fairly large group, which is across the driveway from the river, adjacent to a deluxe two room pit toilet, water and hiking trail. Overflow parking is available for free in the day use lot, about 100yd walk next to boat ramp. The water is warm, Class I/II, with the option for running 10 miles of class II/III just below Happy Camp. Estimated drive time from Eugene/Springfield is 4 hours max, about 230 miles. This proposal will be further discussed at a future club meeting.

For more info contact Lee and Ellen at 741-9824.

Kayak For Sale or Trade

I would like to trade my Otter kayak in good condition for a Kiwi.
Contact Peggy Robinson at 744-0439

UO Outdoor Program Fall Gear Swap - October 16th

(quoted from the UO Outdoor Program website)

Buy, sell, trade, and socialize! You.ll find rain gear, ski/board equipment, hiking boots, kayaks, sleeping bags, tents, and maybe even a backpacker.s espresso maker and much more! Anything goes at this humming outdoor equipment flea market. An amazing variety of gear will change hands at garage sale prices. Limited table space is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Private sellers only please. Parking provided in the EMU visitor.s parking lot. Don.t miss this great event. Free!

Oct. 16th (Thur) 7:30 pm: EMU Ballroom

Ref: UO Outdoor Program's Fall Events

UO Outdoor Program Kayak Pool Sessions

The Gerlinger pool will be open the following Wednesdays from 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm for kayak roll sessions: 10/8, 10/15, 10/22, 10/29 and 11/5. Fees are $3 UO students and OP Co-op members, $5 general admission, OP Kayak Rental $5 (first-come basis). Spots may be reserved by prepaying at the OP Office.

---: Feedback :---    

September Meeting Minutes

  • eight (8) members in attendance; many brought chips and dip.
  • Eugene Celebration: reviewed current booth staffing schedule; most slots filled. Mari presented two admission pins for use by volunteers. Omar made arrangements for table,books and related items to be picked up from his place. Jeff agreed to help Robert set up the booth Saturday morning. Jeff agreed to run off 75 black and white club flyers and applications.
  • October Trips: Phil agreed to "lead" an Umpqua esturary trip. Horst plans to "lead" a trip on either the North Santiam or Middle Fork Willamette near Oakridge. Jeff will probably "lead" a trip on the McKenzie. A trip on Clear Lake was also discussed.
  • Club Funds - Use Of: Phil (current treasurer) stated the current CCC account balance is about $1,027. Horst asked whether or not the cost of the campsite on the Labor Day Deschutes trip was a legitimate club expense; it was decided that it was. A request was also made for an annual club expenditure report; the treasurer agreed to produce one.

The Trouble with Email...

...is it may not get read - or get there at all. Email is poor substitute for the real-time give and take of a telephone conversation. Server crashes, viruses, spam filters, and human fallibility all conspire to mangle your message or prevent/delay its delivery. If you're trying to coordinate or clarify something of a nuanced or pressing nature, pick up the phone: chances are you'll get your answer sooner than you can click "Reply". --Jeff

Overlooked CCC Links

We have an abundance of links on our web page,... so many, that people forget where to look things up when needed -- happened even to myself(**).


Here follow those links that I was asked about during the past month.

  • Subject streamflow data: Usually the USGS pages provide the most direct and dependable data; the search can be easily customized; all the USGS links can be easily spotted in subsection "River Levels" on the link above.

    However, some smaller river sections are not covered by the USGS site (including upper McKenzie(**) and Willamette). Pat Welch's site provides those data, plus additional information with reference to Soggy Sneaker route# (very nice). Links to his page can be spotted by looking for the TPW initials.

    The 'official' USGS pages go back only two month. For doing some research that's not sufficient. Two years of data can be retrieved from
    (this is marked at " USGS Oregon, longterm! " on our list of links).

    If you need even more contact:
    Jo Miller, Technical Information Spec.
    U.S. Geological Survey
    10615 S.E. Cherry Blossom Drive
    Portland, OR 97216
    voice:  (503) 251-3201  fax: (503) 251-3470
    email:  sjmiller@usgs.gov
  • Subject Boat Building: One of our own wooden boat builders didn't even know we have:
    (( I will include her story at next revision :-))
  • Road Conditions: ODOT links and Webcams are nice when you have the internet at your fingertips. However, out on the road I still use the good old toll free number: 800 977 6368 (ODOT) Came handy during recent road closures due to fire.

- Horst

Newsletter Contributions Wanted

Got something to add? Anything remotely canoeing related is welcome. Photos, stories, tips, whatever,
can be send it to the editor at    jeffwoodall "at" myrealbox "dot" com .