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- December 2002 -

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The holiday season is fast approaching and - not surprisingly - there has been a lull in club activities. Nonetheless, things are happening and you can make even more happen: consider leading a trip, sharing an interesting canoe story/picture/link, or invite a guest speaker.  And don't hang up that paddle just because its winter: its takes a bit more planning but winter paddling is very rewarding - especially when you're not being rained on!

Happy Holidays!

- the editor

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Welcome New Members!
The Cascade Canoe Club welcomes the following
new members:

John & Valerie Bailey
Lee & Ellen Paulus
Bob Rosie & family
Hells Canyon Shuttle Inc.

Welcome and hope to see you on the river soon!

New Club Meeting Site Still Needed
Due to competition from various 12-step programs,  the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection will no longer be able to provide us with meeting space. Various alternatives have been suggested: the Riverhouse, the (new) Eugene library, various coffeehouses or members homes. Cheap rent is probably the most significant criteria, followed by seating and location.
Halloween float
Halloween paddlers Mari Baldwin, Jeff Woodall and Dick Cross scaring folks along the canoe canal - photo by Horst Lueck

2002 Halloween Float
Although not as well attended as it might have been, the Halloween float was good fun as you can see...

Log Blocks the Upper McKenzie
(from www.fs.fed.us/r6/willamette)

Employees of the McKenzie River Ranger District have discovered a large Douglas-fir log blocking the upper
McKenzie River 1/8 mile above the Deer Creek Bridge. There is no safe passage. It is strongly recommended that individuals not float the upper McKenzie above Deer Creek at this time.

Boaters should not put in at Ollalie boat launch.  Use Frissel or Paradise boat launches instead.

Forest Service personnel are currently assessing options for addressing the blockage.

Contact Sandy Ratliff or Kathy Keable for more information, at 541-822-3381.
Rafting the Deschutes; Labor Day 2002
CCCers rafting the Deschutes near Maupin, Labor Day Weekend 2002  - Rafting Services photo

Labor Day 2002 CCC Rafting Trip on Deschutes
This past Labor Day several CCCers rafted the ever popular Deschutes run near Maupin, Oregon. The crowds were thick but the weather and river were great. The crew:  Horst Lueck and Joy Shain, Donna Riddle and her son Sanden, Cheryl and Jeff Woodall.  What - you don't see Sanden? He's riding the bull!

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Dec. 3rd - Next CCC Meeting
- Canoe & other outdoor gear!
- Future meeting options

The December CCC meeting will be on the 3rd at 7:00 pm at the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection, 3925 Hilyard Street, Eugene. (located at the east end of the parking lot). We will meet in the basement (take stairway left at main door). A map is available from the CCC web page: http://canoe.freeshell.org/ccc_upcoming_events.shtml
Dec. 15th (Sunday) - NF of the Siuslaw River
For more info contact Omar Nelson at 345-5115 .

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As there were few trips to report in this issue, this space is being used to present info regarding the OSU survey being conducted for the state of Oregon regarding the upcoming sunset date for recreational placer mining (RPM) on Oregon Scenic Waterways. The survey is being conducted by  Dr. David Brenell, a visiting associate professor of Political Science at OSU, and Jeff Behan, Dr. Brenell's assistant.

The survey consists of twenty questions and appears to be circulated/publized primarilly through various public e-mail lists. Due to space constraints, you'll need to read Jeff Behan's full PEAK/White-water post at the link below.
Survey Questions:
The questions are listed below.  Use them to guide input, answer as
many as you want specifically, or none at all. Any response you can
offer will be fine, a written narrative, anecdote of when you came in
contact with recreational placer mining activity etc, responses to some
or all of the questions, whatever works best for you.  Also please
mention any articles in scientific journals or other sources, as well
as individual persons you think we should investigate.

a.. What is the case for permitting recreational suction dredge mining
in Oregon Scenic Waterways?

b.. What is the case against it?

c.. To what extent does recreational suction dredge mining interfere
with other recreational users of the rivers?

d.. Do recreational suction dredge miners annoy or do harm to adjacent

e.. Does recreational suction dredge mining, as it is currently
practiced, cause harm to fish and wildlife, or to water quality?

f.. Do permitting requirements sufficiently protect the waterways; do
they need to be strengthened; do they go too far and impose an
excessive burden?

g.. Is it recreation?

h.. Much less than 1% of Oregon river miles are at stake here? Why not
just ban the practice on this small area?

i.. Why should placer mining be banned if there are few complaints, a
small number of miners, and little conclusive evidence about harm to
fish and wildlife and water quality?

j.. Why should the practice be allowed? It cannot help - no study
suggests that. It's noisy and leaves a large plume. Rivers are for all,
not just miners - why should rights of one group be allowed to
supercede the rights of others?

k.. Do you know of any studies relevant to the placer mining issue that
we should know about?

l.. To what extent do you believe the government should be able to
regulate activities such as placer mining?

m.. Would you be willing to make a compromise on placer mining? In what
way? What would you want in return?

n.. In what ways do you use Scenic Waterways?

o.. What does the program need to do better or differently?

p.. What does it do well?

q.. What should the program stop doing?

r.. What are the major strengths and weaknesses of the program?

s.. Is the program effective in meeting its goals?

t.. Do people even know about the program? Does that matter?
Our work is being conducted through a state institution and technically
involves human "subjects", so we must adhere to guidelines regarding
voluntary consent to be interviewed, and making sure interviewees are
informed about the project. In light of this, here is some information
our research department asked us to provide to comply with guidelines
for human subjects research:

"I am working under supervision of Professor David Bernell from the
Oregon State University Political Science Department.  We are
conducting a review of the Oregon Scenic Waterways Program, looking at
the strengths and weaknesses of the program, and also at the issue of
recreational placer mining in Oregon scenic waterways.  We are
interested in soliciting views from stakeholders and other interested
parties about the program and about the management of these Oregon

Dr. Bernell can be reached at david.bernell@orst.edu
or 541.737.6281
Thanks in advance,
Jeff Behan

Those wishing to learn more about this issue should check out the following links:

OR Dept of Fish & Wildlife current in-water Work Periods
The Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife provides a list of in-water work periods for suction dredging. In general, work period is mid to late summer, designed  to minimize impact on  fish spawning.

Oregon Administrative Rules governing Rec. Placer Mining
Read the Oregon Administrative Rules related to placer mining and fill-removal in Scenic Waterways (page down to section 141-089-0030).

Oregon Independent Miners Association
Pro-mining group that bills itself as "a vocal advocate for thousands of independent, small-scale miners and prospectors throughout the Northwest."

NW Minerals Prospectors Club
See what recreational suction dredging looks like.

DK-Nugget's Prospecting Equipment
Here's two suction dredge models sold by DK-Nugget:

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World Canoe Forum Launched . . .
Dear Paddle Friend,

Today, November 7th 2002, the World Canoe Forum has been launched!

This forum is intended for all those who are interested to share their
passion with others on the net, to discuss about hot topics of the
paddling world and to tell about your adventures on the water.

We list 23 different forums divided over 6 categories!

Come visit us at http://www.worldcanoeforum.com and enjoy starting with
us this new community.

Worldcanoeforum.com staff

(forwarded from bcc list post)
Visit the Canadian Canoe Museum !
Most of us are unlikely to make the 2,812 mile drive from Eugene to Peterborough, Ontario, but if you do, this is one museum not to be missed.

The Canadian Canoe Museum houses the largest collection of canoes and kayaks in the world, featuring over 600 watercraft. Ontario has 20% of the world's fresh water distributed over an area the size of western Europe,  so it's hardly surprising that Ontario has paddled its way to global prominence for wilderness adventure. First opened in July of 1997, the collection was actually started in the late 195Os by Professor Kirk Wipper. The Museum is open year-round and offers canoe-building courses in the summer months.

The Canadian Canoe Museum is located at 910 Monaghan Road in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.  Peterborough is located approximately 140 kilometres northeast of Toronto (an easy 90-minute drive). You can also visit them online at http://www.canoemuseum.net/

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Future CCC Meeting Place Update
The future meeting space for CCC is yet to be determined. The biggest problem is money: there are lots of great meeting places if you've got the cash! The River House so appears the best deal for small gatherings (#<15). Mari Baldwin is looking into possibilities at another church in downtown Eugene. Also, having meetings at various members homes is an option (BYOC - Bring Your Own Chair <"j ). This issue will no doubt be revisted at the next meeting - probably our last at Episcopal Church of the Resurrection. If you can't make the meeting you can send your suggestions via email to Jeff Woodall.

November Meeting  Minutes

Despite it being Election Day, the November meeting drew a crowd of 13! Several issues were discussed: Omar mentioned an OSU survey of opinions regarding placer mining on Oregon rivers (see survey elsewhere in this issue); alternatives to the current meeting place were explored; some upcoming paddling trips were fleshed out (see schedule). Afterwards Omar treated us to an excellent slideshow of his two John Day trips this past spring - thanks Omar!

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