Willamette River, Coast Fork

Author and Editor Mark Murphy (with community support, March 2012) markmurphy1951@aol.com


These River Maps are intended to be updatable informal guides for Recreational boaters on the Coast Fork.
Knowing what to expect and look forward to encourages and inspires.
Usage improves awareness and protection of our waterways.
Regardless of the information, you are on your own at your own risk.

At this point the maps are based on fall 2011 river conditions and will require fresh updates once the high water drops and permits a review of the changes to the river situation for 2012

I'm sure there will be lots of changes and the maps need to evolve as the river does. Water flow also changes the river significantly. (500cfm to 2000cfm)
As information is added and changes made during 2012, the up-date date will change on the maps. I hope information enables more people to venture out safely.
The Coast Fork is a good learning river, easy shuttle, short enough, yet pretty enough to enjoy over and over. It is much more intimate than the main stem of the Willamette and warmer and quieter than the McKenzie and is close by.
Once the river levels stabilize this spring we will be on the river regularly until it gets too shallow and pick back up again in the fall.