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Participating in the parade of the 1995 Eugene Celebration CCC EugeneCelbr 1995 -mini

The Bucket !     modified: Apr 22, 2008
- shoe box like filing system for pictures that haven't yet made it into the photo album.
We can't keep all images online -- content of the bucket may change frequently.

Penelope, Alton Baker Footbridge Rapids Penelope and son chassing throug Alton Baker Footbridge Rapids to catch the Big Duck see detailed report

John Day, 2002, group    John Day trip, Service Creek to Clarno, 5/2002     John Day, 2002, cliff past BigBend
For detailed trip report check out Jeff's page .

Mann Lake, East of the Steens Mountains, by Chris Luneski (2001):   22 KB and 123 KB
"Mountain Blue" is the name of the boat design which was inspired by Jersey Blue (circa 1890), a double paddle canoe.

Report from the "First Pumpkin Race and Costume Boater Competition", October 31, 1999 Haloween 1999; Mari, Horst

John Day River, Tumwater Falls, John Day Dam  --  check out trip reports ' The Undocumented Stretch' (by Horst Lueck) and Club Trip 1999 (Lana on Clarno).

Fish Lake, by Chris Luneski :   69 KB   and 63 KB

Chris -- all the comforts: 26 KB

Cheryl L. on Waldo Lake -- a perfect day:  45 KB

Horst went to the Owyhee River in June 98 to check out his new inflatable kayak:
(because it was a solo trip you can't actually see him - which makes the photos even better ! )
     After five days, entering the lake at sunset Owyhee Reservoir; sunset
     Camp -- close to the hot springs Owyhee Reservoir; camp

... all went well -- so he was wondering what sea-kayaking is like in an IK:
     Wallace Island near Saltspring/Victoria Island, BC, Canada Wallace Island; camp
... that went well too -- until a storm moved in !

Plus more 1998 images from Wallace Island posted in 2004:
     David_Conover_and_MMonroe      More on David Conover and Marily Monroe
     Bivaque at the Ocean
     Sunrise next morning

Robert and Cheryl -- look at their beautiful canoe: 70 KB


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