October, 1999 Volume IV, Number 10

Canoe Club Meetings: First Tuesday of each month:
For last minute changes or new trips, visit the website: http://www.efn.org/~canoe

The Web site:


If you haven't checked out the web site in the past couple of months, please do so! Be prepared to spend some time surfing if you want to see all the pictures. Horst has spent a lot of time on this project, but says that we could still use more pictures of our club trips.

Many of the photos currently on the site were taken by Horst and digitized by Chris Luneski. Thanks to both guys for all the work you did to create an interesting and informative site!


So-called elections

A list of the officer and other positions that need to be filled in our upcoming election follows:

President- leads meetings and acts as dictator if you feel like

Vice President(s)- are in charge of vices

Secretary- writes down all the lies we tell at meetings

Treasurer- tries to not embezzle all the money

Data base Administrator - working in tandem with the Treasurer, we need someone to maintain the list of active members.

We also could use someone(s) to coordinate Flatwater and whitewater trips. This job involves bribing folks to schedule trips and to make sure the members know about the trips.

A program coordinator could be another job or it could be part of the vice's job description.


Remember, If you're not at the November meeting you may be elected by acclamation (see nominations by the "Phantom Paddler" on p. 3).


Kenai Canoe Trails, Alaska

Robert Horner

It's a long ways to drive to go paddling but the rewards were worth it. It took a week to get up there, but the scenery made everyday a visual experience with lots of wildlife, rivers, lakes and mountains to keep a person goose-necking around. The weather was generally lousy when we were portaging and camping with lots of rain, but it was still a fun trip.

I'd say if you got to chose between the Bowrons', Quetico, or Boundary Waters OR the Kenai trails, chose either of the first three. Why? Because from what I've experienced in the Bow rons, or the photos I've seen of the other two, the topography is much more interesting. I'll be sharing more stories about this trip at the November meeting.


Trip Calendar

All trips leave from the River Runners Supply on Centennial Loop at 8:30 unless otherwise noted. Bring a lunch, warm clothes, rain gear, and PFD.

To sign-up, call the trip coordinator; in the event you need to cancel thereafter, please call the coordinator as well.

November 6 & 7 (overnight trip, but can just paddle either day) South Slough and Scofield Creek (Charleston area on the south coast). Camp in yurts or in your own tent or stay in a motel! Phil Backman, 344-8587


Cascade Paddles & Portage Staffs

Made to order - you choose the length, style, and type of wood. Over a dozen blade styles to choose from - bent or straight. Or pick out a paddle in stock. Laminated for strength and beauty. Also available for hikers or long portages: strong and light walking staffs. Robert 342-2246

"Paddling Lane County - 24 easy routes for canoe or kayak"

written by club member Jim Hutchison. Available from the club for $5.00. Retail price is $6.95 to $7.95.

Looking to get more involved in Club Business?

Mark and Becky Koble are looking for someone (or a team of someones) to take over the Club banking/member list maintenance role, beginning January, 2000. This function involves making monthly bank deposits and writing checks for Club expenses, as well as updating the Club member database for membership renewals and additions for the monthly production of mailing address labels. Currently, the member information is maintained on an Access database, but this could be converted to a word processing/mail merge application without too much difficulty. For further information, call the Kobles at 344-7518.


Trip report- N. Fork of the Siuslaw trip

by Robert Horner

On a beautiful fall day six of us braved the mighty waters of this serene fork of the Siuslaw River. This trip was full of birders with Tim and Leslie very informed on the feathery creatures and Omar filling in the gaps. We paddled up a ways until we came to a log-jam and were forced to take a extended lunch break. We all lazed around and listened to our guest Buckwheat talk about the sixties (or were they the nineties?) while I conducted four scientific 'stick' tests to accurately determine the direction of the tide. Cheryl felt the unusual power of her paddle, or so she thought ,until I told her we were being helped along by tidal waters. It was a fine day on the water and what better way to top it off than a trip to Mo's for fish and chowder.

Clear Lake Review

by Joan Skarda


On Saturday, October 18 Deb McMillen, Dick Cross, John and Joan Skarda paddled on beautiful Clear Lake. The vibrant fall colors on the trees and clear skies make fall an ideal time to enjoy this lake. We started at the lodge on a cool, crisp morning, paddling out to the main part of the lake where we felt sporadic breezes. Our mascot Border Collie, Maggie, rode in the Skarda's tandem kayak. She sat quietly until we approached shore to have lunch, then decided to jump out & swim to shore. By then the weather had warmed up and we enjoyed a sunny spot for lunch. We could see to the bottom of the lake in some places & the trees standing up straight that had been well preserved. It was an enjoyable trip that ended with a nice, warm soak in the Belknap Hotsprings. Total relaxation!!


Charnlton Lake

by Lana Lindstrom

Although not a Canoe Club trip because it was a last minute decision, a friend and I portaged the 100 yards from the road to this beautiful mountain lake near Waldo Lake last weekend.....and had the entire lake to ourselves. It's twice as big as Gold Lake and has two small islands in it, perfect for a lunch spot. Like Clear Lake, one can see down at least 30 feet in most places. It's surrounded primarily by evergreens, but the huckleberries were bright red, as were the maples. If you haven't driven into the moutains recently, you're missing some spectacular colors.


Nominations from the Phantom Paddler

President: Horst Lueck

Vice President/Newsletter Editor.: ChrisLuneski

Secretary: Leslie Gay/Mary Battin

Treasurer & mailing list: Mike & Anita Timmerman

Whitewater coordinator: Mari Baldwin

Flatwater coordinator: Robert Horner

Publicity and recruitment: Phil Backman/Dick Cross