October 1998 Volume V Number 9.

Next Meeting:

!!!!!! Fall Schedule Meeting!!!

Nov 3 @7:00pm 3925 Hilyard St

Episcopal Church of the Resurrection


Winter and Spring meetings:

First Tuesday of every month, 7:00 p.m.

Episcopal Church of the Resurrection

3925 Hilyard St., Eugene

Summer meetings:

First Tuesday of every month, 6:30 p.m. Various boating sites Watch Newsletter for details

Next Newsletter: Deadline Nov. 19


The canoe club met on Tuesday, October 6, 1998, at the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection. Robert Horner presided over the meeting with a fancy easel, large pad of paper and lengthy agenda. The following matterswere discussed.

Robert thanked those members who helped man the canoe club booth atthe Eugene Celebration. He said lots of people stopped by to collect information and swap stories.

Robert reminded everyone that elections were scheduled for November. He warned people that if they didn't show up to vote that they just might find themselves on the roster.

Robert asked if anyone had taken lots of slides of their canoeing adventures last summer. If so, he wanted them to contact him aboutpresenting a program at an upcoming canoe club meeting. Omar Nelson volunteered to ask the local Winona representative to come to the December to talk about canoe shape, design, materials, and uses.

Several people talked about their recent paddle trips. Phil Backman canoed the Bowron Lakes in early September. He saw no bears or moose and walked a lot, but had a great time otherwise. Horst Lueck went sea kayaking for 2 1/2 days around Salt Spring Island near Vancouver Island in late September. The water was so warm he could even swim in the ocean. Donna Riddle spent lots of time at Summit Lake near Diamond Peak over the summer. She asked that members write the USFS to protest the upgrade of the road and the use of motors on the lake. John and Ann Bonine spent a chilly but beautiful weekend paddling Fall River and Sparks Lake in late September.


Robert announced that Tom Mooney at River Runner Supply wanted help rounding up rubber ducks following the Rotary duck race on Saturday, October 10th. Volunteers were to meet at River Runner's and bring boats, rubbergloves, laundry baskets, binoculars and fishing nets.

Continuing down his agenda, Robert stated that it was time to order the ever-popular and stylish sweat shirts again. He needs a minimum order of 15 to place an order.

Donna brought lots of magazines in advance of a large moving sale. She had Paddler, American Whitewater and Outside magazines for 25 cents or free.

After the business meeting, Omar presented a slide show on his summer road trip to Minnesota. He and Neila Campbell took a month off to visit relatives around the west. Along the way they stopped to explore several bodies of water, including Lake Magone in Malhuer National Forest, the North Fork of the Flathead River in Montana and the Niobrara River in Nebraska. Other highlights were the Niobrara Wildlife Refuge and Dinosaur National Park.

Notes from the Prez:

By Robt. Horner

Itís been another good year for the club with lots of fun paddles, campouts, a "celebration" info booth and another earth day clean-up. We also had a moon-light paddle and a club picnic that hardly anyone came to and thats O.K. The future of the Club could be seen as exciting as new leadership brings new ideas, possibly more camp-outs, community clean-ups, and equipment or paddling info sessions.

Weíve grown as a club and discovered activities that are more popular than others, slide shows are always well attended and ideas that didnít work. Personally, Iím looking forward to being an active participant, continuing to go on paddles and help out where-ever needed.

One of the things I found out at the Eugene Celebration is that there are lots of paddlers out there who didnít know our club exists. I would like to continue to work on this with more club information and publicity or making our trips more available to the public.

Anyway, its an exciting time for our club with new trips on the calendar, new leadership and hopefully some new ideas. Get involved, coordinate a trip or plan a camp out, do a screen show, participate in club outings and, most important have fun paddling and always show respect for our waterways. Its been a great year. Thanks Robert.


Trip Notices:

South Slough Campout

This should be a great trip!!! It was fun last year with the inland breeze and tide pushing down the scenic slough making the paddle an easy one. Its a pretty long drive though so this year we are doing an overnighter. Saturday we will meet and possibly paddle Scofield Creek and then stay in Yurts that night. Sunday we will meet in Charleston and do the South Slough.

Bring what food youíll need, rain gear, sleeping bag, binocs, camera, warm clothes, etc. Lyn Gilman-Garric and Lana Lindstrom are the coordinators. There is Yurt space available, so come and join us on Nov 7,8th




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