November 1999 Volume IV, Number 11

Canoe Club Meetings: First Tuesday of each month:
For last minute changes or new trips, visit the website:

Notes from the ex prez:

I'd once again like to thank you all for making the job of prez easier, not
hat it's a particularly tough job to start with. Your help and enthusiasm
keep the club running along.

At the so-called elections I was surprised and pleased that brand new
members Janet and Jim Peterson signed on for club jobs of secretary and data
base manager even before the ink dried on their registration and I had
embezzeled their dues. Let's all thank Phil Bachman's guilt for making him
be treasurer for the coming year. Chris Luneski, we're looking forward to
your vision of newsletter editor.

Let's all give a round of well deserved applause to the folks who have
served us the past year or more.

Mary Battin for keeping ther minutes even while wrestling with health
problems one after another. Keep getting better Mary, we want you around
for a long time.

Lana Lindstrom for keeping the newsletter interesting.

Horst Lueck and Ken Wayland for hustling programs and generally keeping
track of our vices.

Becky and Mark Koble for not running off with all our money even when
building a new home and keeping track of all the members all the time.

We still need people to come forward to be vice and president. They're not
real hard jobs. The vices are the program committee, setting dates for the
never ending list of volunteer presenters. The prez just has to stand up at
meetings and write these silly notes for the newsletter.
Please folks step forward. I'll unlock the church December 7 that day that
will live in infamy as the day I quit being prez. Some of you are going to
have to take that giant leap for paddlekind to keep the meetings in some
kind of order, not that I've kept any.

See you on the water and in the crowd.

> Omar

It's that time of year again - renewal time. Enclosed with the newsletter is a renewal form. Please complete it and send it with a check to our new Treasurer so that you can continue to receive this publication which includes notification of some exciting programs and hopefully, beginning in the spring, more trips.

Newbie Editor's Requests
Whereas I have never done a newsletter before, and whereas my imagination and creativity are somewhat limited, I hope the club members will supply most of the content for each month's publication. Contributions can be e-mailed to or to, or snail mailed to me, or faxed to me at 342-8203.
Each member has more to contribute than he or she may imagine. Besides trip reports from trip leaders and an inspirational message from the Prez, there are numerous items which are worth sharing with other club members. For instance: have you come across or heard of any local boating hazards; have you found any interesting web sites that members might want to check out; have you discovered a cool paddling location; are you aware of any events or programs of interest to members; are there things the club should be doing, trips you would like to see us take, program topics we should schedule; what was your most embarrassing, frightening, fun or other "most" paddling experience; any pet paddling peeves or, finally, why do you paddle?
For logistical reasons, items should be received by the 20th of each month so the newsletter can be distributed prior to the next meeting.
Thanks for all the help you will be providing me and the club.
  Chris Luneski

Trip Calendar
All trips leave from the River Runners Supply on Centennial Loop at 8:30 unless otherwise noted. Bring a lunch, warm clothes, rain gear, and PFD.
To sign-up, call the trip coordinator; in the event you need to cancel thereafter, please call the coordinator as well.

January 14 and 15 we will head to the coast to explore some of the coastal lakes. We hope to be able to paddle the deflation plain lake off South Jetty Road (have your $3 ready for the gate keeper). Also on the tentative agenda are Elbow, Cleawox, and Carter Lakes and the Siltcoos Outlet. The hardy ones will camp or yurt at Honeyman State Park. The less hardy can come for day trips or visit one of the Florence area's motels or B & B's.
More info at the December meeting - Omar Nelson 345-5115

Cascade Paddles & Portage Staffs Made to order - you choose the length, style, and type of wood. Over a dozen blade styles to choose from - bent or straight. Or pick out a paddle in stock. Laminated for strength and beauty. Also available for hikers or long portages: strong and light walking staffs. Robert 342-2246

"Paddling Lane County - 24 easy routes for canoe or kayak" written by club member Jim Hutchison. Available from the club for $5.00. Retail price is $6.95 to $7.95.

Minutes from November 2 meeting
The November 2nd meeting of the Cascade Canoe Club was opened by outgoing president Omar Nelson. Joan Skarda and Robert Horner debriefed their respective trips this past month.

The 3rd weekend in January, we will do coastal lakes--probably Elbo Lake and the deflation plain. Robert Horner described and shared photos of his trip to the Kenai Canoe trails.

Omar then began the "nominations" for club officers for 2000.
Jim Peterson - Data base administrator
Janet Peterson - Secretary
Phil Backman - Treasurer
Chris Luneski - Newsletter editor

The positions for president and vice president/program chairman were still open at the close of the meeting.

The December meeting program is Guy Santiago presenting his slides of sea kayaking in Baja California.

The January meeting is cancelled.

Rod Gillilan will present the February program.

Omar thanked all the officers and people who helped in the many jobs last year. We thank Omar for his time and leadership.

Meeting adjourned--Mary Battin signing out as past secretary

~~~~~~~~~~ Added to the electronic version ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Report from the "First Pumpkin Race and Costume Boater Competition"

On a cool but sunny Halloween afternoon Mari and Horst floated from Island Park to Beltline Bridge. The Willamette was quite a bit higher than what we were accustomed to during the summer, presenting the major rapids fast but washed out. This was a wonderful opportunity to check out all the other drops that are usually un-runnable at low water. Very interesting! But most importantly, we were dressed appropriately for the day: Mari decorated with a rainbow wig and Horst under a witch's hat. Great fun -- can't wait to see the photos!
Let's make it an annual event !