November 1998 Volume V Number 10.

Next Meeting:

!!!!!! Fall Schedule Meeting!!!

Dec 1st @7:00pm 3925 Hilyard St Episcopal Church of the Resurrection


Winter and Spring meetings:

First Tuesday of every month, 7:00 p.m.

Episcopal Church of the Resurrection

3925 Hilyard St., Eugene

Summer meetings:

First Tuesday of every month, 6:30 p.m. Various boating sites Watch Newsletter for details


Next Newsletter: Deadline Dec 16



The Cascade Canoe Club met on Tuesday, November 3, 1998, at the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection. Robert Horner, President, presided over his last meeting.

Not too many people were present, probably because a program had not been sent to be announced in the preceding newsletter. Furthermore, the main item on the agenda was the elections and any warm bodies who showed up risked being nominated and possibly elected.


Lyn Gilman-Garrick (Me) reminded those present about the upcoming trip to the South Slough Estuary and handed out a beautifully typed set of instructions.

Mary Battin announced that she had maps of the Boundary Water Canoe Area in Minnesota which she was happy to share.

Robert asked for comments on recent trips but there was complete silence, so he moved on to elections.

Omar Nelson graciously agreed to serve as President and since he had no challengers was voted in unanimously. Ditto for Ken Wayland and Horst Lueck as co-Vice Presidents, Mary Battin as Secretary, Becky Koble as Treasurer, and Robert Horner as Publicity Agent.

After the elections, there was a lengthy discussion about developing a club web site. A cyber-committee was formed.

Last but not least, Horst showed a great slide show about his adventures in Eastern Washington along the Palouse River.

That's all folks. Good luck Mary.


Notes from the Prez:

By Omar Nelson

OK, you asked for it, you got it. You're stuck with me again because we're just too nice a bunch to elect anyone who doesn't come to the election except Becky Koble.

Thanks to Robert for doing a great job last year and all the past years. Enjoy your time off.

We are fortunate to have two chairs of vice - Horst Lueck and Ken Wayland. We appreciate your willingness to take charge of our vices. Ken and Horst are also working to set up a Web page for the club. With all the virtual stuff available we won't have to get our feet wet to paddle great places.

Now that the so-called elections are past it's time for the other big deal of the club year. Yes folks it's time for the annual ritual of ponying up dues. Remember your dues support worthy causes and endeavors. Can keeping me in beer be considered a worthy cause? Probably not, darn it. For those of us who are forgetful or reluctant to pay dues remember the works of the so far immortal J.P. McNutt - "Pay or Die." I hope you think I'm kidding. Dumb but useful paddling tip of the month - Loose hips save ships.




By: Lyn Gilman-Garrick

The November 7th and 8th trip to Coos Bay and the South Slough Estuary was a lot of fun. There was some great paddling but there was also some good eating, shopping and companionship.

It started off when about seven of us met at Suzie's in Reedsport for lunch. We gave three stars to the fish sandwiches and cheap prices. After lunch we all gathered at Scholfield Creek for an afternoon paddle. Unfortunately, after 15 minutes and 1/2 mile in the wrong direction, we were hit with a squall - wind, rain and hail. Everybody but Phil Backman turned around and headed in. We parted ways but agreed to get together for dinner.

Four of us went to Espresso 101 in Coos Bay and swapped life stories over lattes and chai tea. Afterwards we scoured the thrift stores for a pair of rubber boots in anticipation of the mud flats to come. Thrift shopping in Coos Bay is like entering a 1950's time warp.

In the evening we met at the Portside Restuarant in Charleston.

Anyone familiar with the skillfish, the featured fish of the night? Bonnie Lee, a new member and former commercial fisherwoman, had never heard of one. After dinner we gathered at one of the yurts for coffee and Robert Horner's homemade pumpkin cheese cake. Delicious!

We awoke on Sunday morning to blue skies and calm waters, portents of the wonderful day of paddling to come. We put in at Charleston around 9:30 and canoed with the tide into the esturary. Perhaps the high light of the day was the pod of seals that surrounded our canoes and watched us with as much fascination as we watched them. The day was so still that the bay was like a mirror. You could almost bird watch in the reflection. After taking out, Mike Timmerman and Anita Belt shared their mushrooming skills with everyone.

Many, many thanks to Phil Backman and Lana Lindstrom for helping me to organize this trip. I had a great time and hope everyone else did too.

Trip Notices:

 December 12, 13 North Fork of the Siuslaw - Omar trip leader.

 January weekend at Siltcoos LCC cabins.

Date to be announced in the next newsletter. Dixie Clemons Trip leader

March Eel Lake - Robert Horner.Trip leader

Trips will be announced in the Eugene Register guard Outdoor section the Thursday before the trip and in the Monthly Journeys newstand publication.

Newsletter Publisher Needed:

Mike Harrington would like to turn over the newsletter to someone new - Interested?

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Club Web Page Announced:

By: Horst Lueck

The Club now has a Web page !!! . well, it will be public soon ( if you are going to help!). Horst Lueck is putting it together and is asking for suggestions of any kind: your favorite links, categories to be covered, and pictures to be posted (since our storage space at EFN is limited and pictures require a lot of memory we may have to add them via a link of some kind). If that all sounds too technical come to the next meeting and we will talk about it. Our e-mail address is '' and the Web page will open under ''. Send your input to '' or call Horst at 687 5796.