May 1999 Volume VI Number 5.

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Next Meeting:

!!! Summer Schedule!!!!!

WX permitting, June 1st 6:30 at Kirk Pond (See Program notes below)


Summer meetings:

First Tuesday of every month, 6:30 p.m. Various boating sites. Watch Newsletter and Web site for details.

Next Newsletter: Deadline June 27, 1999



June Meeting Summer Change

After much discussion, the program committee decided to tempt the weather

gods and set the June 1st meeting at Kirk Pond. We'll meet at 6:30 to have a short meeting then paddle out to explore this scenic area. With luck we may see the pair of American Pelicans which seem to have set up permanent residence. If the three day forecast is terminally awful, we'll get in touch with everyone by Sunday night to do something at the 3925 Hilyard Street Episcopal Church Maybe a pot luck, social evening with no agenda. For more information or directions call Omar at 345-5115.


The meeting of the canoe club was called to order by Omar Nelson, president at 7:00 p.m. on May 4, l999 at the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection. Omar reminded us that "Paddling Lane County: 24 easy routes for canoe or kayak" by Jim Hutchison is for sale at $5.00-discounted for us. We all introduced ourselves as there were people here for the first time. Phil Bachman reported that not very many did the Coquille River trip and that "Bandon Adventure" rents kayaks and they will run the shuttle on the Coquille. Fish Lake(just past Clear Lake) is the next trip. Expect some good fishing at Fish Lake May 22. Omar reported that the river clean-up was more poorly attended this year--just 11 people of whom 6 were members. It happened to be a beautiful day. They finished about 5:00 p.m. boats put away by 6:00 so it was a very long day. They filled a 2 yd. dumpster and a pickup of metal and more. The June meeting will be at the church again unless we are notified of other plans.

Guy Santiago of Oregon River Sports presented a very good lecture/demonstration on canoe camping. Guy has many years of paddling experience. He discussed no-trace camping--take it all with you when you leave. He uses a dry bag for all wrappings and he unwraps and rewraps in zip lock bags all food, uses a rocket box or sani can for human waste (urinate in river) and uses a ground cloth where eating and cooking to discourage critters (where required).. He discussed firepans, Dutch ovens, burners (Coleman and backpack). Coolers should be elevated to avoid absorption of heat from the ground. Keeping a cloth bag wet will cool by evaporation. He ended the lecture with food prepared using his stoves and pans. It was an excellent presentation. Mary Battin, Secretary


Oakridge - May22 River Day:

Oakridge will celebrate their relationship with the Willamette River on River Day - Saturday, May 22. The day long event includes a craft fair, many special events and a cleanup along the Willamette in the Oakridge area. If you are interested in participating in any way call Jessie Albright at 541-782-2568(work) or 541-782-4073 (home) or to save the long distance call you can e-mail her at The organizers are looking for people to clean along the bank trails as well as from the river. This promises to be a fun event with lots of activities as well as some clean-up. Jessie mentioned pizza and beverages at the end of the day.

The craft fair is free for crafters so if you have a craft and want to have a booth give Jessie a call.

It sounds like a fun day and the Willamette from Oakridge to Black Canyon is a nice run. Unfortunately I'm at a training that day so won't be able to attend.




On an unusually warm, sunny day the few, the brave and the bold faced our annual challenge. Could we clean up a year¹s accumulation of junk off of the river banks? We could and we did. A disappointingly very small group of us gathered at Island Park at 9am on Saturday. Eleven people showed up to do the work that in past years 25 to 30 people accomplished. Mari, Herb, Norma, Jay, Horst and Omar were the only club members on hand. Marilyn from River House, Tom Mooney, Ian Whitelaw, Pat Dunn and Mike Wilson rounded out the group. We got on the river at about 10 am, warmed up a little bit and set to our task. At about 11 we arrived at the Aspen Street boat landing, unloaded more than a trailer load of trash, stretched a time or two and set off again.

Jay and Norma get special awards for braving the Canoe Canal all by themselves on opening day of trout season. At Willie Knickerbocker Bridge Pat Dunn collected the longest item of the day, a street sign on a 12 foot 4x4 post. An interesting sight lying across her inflatable kayak. Right across the river Mike got the largest piece of the day, a 2 ft. by 6 ft. For Sale sign. Mike also finished the day toting a bunch of bicycle frames in his small boat. For the day we found only three tires, no hypodermic needles, and gathered about the same amount of junk we always do. We got about one half of a large dumpster filled with trash and a city pickup filled with recyclable materials. We also had many buckets filled with glass bottles that Ian took home to clean before recycling.

How did such a small group do the job that large groups did in the past? It took a lot of time and dedication. A lot of time! We finished at Alton Baker Park at 5 p.m. Those who went to River House to clean and put away the rafts finished at about 6 p.m. Way too long a day. At the end of the day we all felt a great satisfaction that we did what we could to clean up our environment. We also felt way too tired.

I hope that the club will get back behind this effort next year and give the project the support it deserves.


Future trips:

Coast Fork: Friday, May 21 after work Meet at 5:00; we'll decide the meeting place as the time gets closer.
For more information, call Lana Lindstrom, 683-1409.

Fish Lake day trip Sa May 22 (see below) coordinator: Chris Luneski

John Day River, Clarno-Cottonwood, June 16-20 (We-Su). Remote dessert canyon; can/will be done in a variety of crafts: whitewater canoe, kayak, inflatable kayak and a raft. Pretrip meeting 1 hour before the monthly club meeting, in other words Tue, June 1, 5:30. For more info check the Web page or contact Horst Lueck 687 5796.

Hosmer Lake: June 27 (week of) Contact Robert Horner (see thoughts)

Full Moon on the Willamette, June 26/27 (Sa/Su); floating the Willamette river at Full Moon - two options: those folks who want to go home the same night take out at Valley River Center or Beltline, and those folks who like to continue overnight find a campsite past the city limits and go to Marshal Island, Harrisburg, or...
More Details will be announced, coordinator: Horst Lueck 687 5796 .


NOTE:(Check the Club Web site it may have more up-to-date information on trips or last minute changes.)

If you have places you'd like to paddle e-mail your ideas or share them at the next meeting. If you don't feel you can coordinate the trip we can find someone to volunteer. There is interest in beginner to early intermediate white water trips. Does someone have any ideas/ be willing to coordinate? Omar


Fish Lake Trip Information.

A Day trip to Fish Lake, Saturday, May 22. Leave from River Runners Supply at 9:30 A.M. Directions: Highway 126 East to Clear Lake. Fish Lake is just beyond Clear Lake on the left. There is a small primitive campground and ample parking space. No ramp. The primary water source for Fish Lake is snow melt. It is full in Spring and the lower lake is a meadow by Fall. It receives virtually no boating activity, and we will probably be the only ones on the lake - not many places where you can say that. Reported to be a very pleasant and scenic paddle, particularly the North end which is the deepest part of the lake and where Fish Creek enters the lake. (Also reported to hold native cutthroat and rainbow. Because of the falling water levels, fishing season on the lake closes May 31. This year, the lake should be full well into June.) This is not a large lake. Thus, anyone not wishing to engage in an empirical test of the fishery should have time to do some paddling on Clear Lake later in the day. Coordinator Chris Luneski

Hosmer Thoughts for June:

With the sunny weather we've had lately, my thoughts have been on Hosmer Lake. I can almost hear the American Bittern out in the tall grass bordering the lake or remember the eagle staring down at the schools of Atlantic salmon going by (or watching the fishermen?). Anyway, I love this area along the Cascade Lakes Hwy. and enjoy sharing the good times we always have there. This year we plan on going June 27 for a week, so come join us . Call us for additional information,

Robert and Cheryl

Club Web Page Information:

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