May 1998 Volume V Number 4.

!!!!!!1st Summer Meeting!!!!!!

June 2nd Kirk Pond @6:30pm

(Just North of Fern Ridge outlet)

Short meeting Pot Luck Bring Finger Foods to share

First Tuesday of every month, 6:30 p.m. Various boating sites

Watch Newsletter for details

First Tuesday of every month, 6:30 p.m.

Episcopal Church of the Resurrection

3925 Hilyard St., Eugene


May Meeting Minutes:

by Lyn Gilman-Garrick <>

The Cascade Canoe Club met on Tuesday, May 5th at the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection. Robert Horner, president, presided.

 Focus of the meeting was a demo on canoe packing and gear for extended trips. By Omar Nelson and Robt Horner

Future trips were discussed.(as published in this newsletter). Robert reminded us the sweatshirts with the club logo were ready to be picked up.

Notes from the Prez:

By Robt. Horner

Our newsletter is again coming of age and is looking great! We have lots of members out there with special skills, information, stories, jokes, items for sale, etc. Remember the editor just cuts and pastes and publishes the information we give him, but he must have material to work with. If you go on any canoe trips, even family outings, please share them with us!!

Summer is rapidly approaching although the weather lately is more like the winter monsoons, and I can get excited about paddling new places, backpacking in the wilderness areas to new lakes and just being out there away from the hassles of the city. Itís what we like to do. Our location on this planet allows us to easily go to the coast or to the mountains. What a great choice we have! I hope to see you this summer paddling your favorite body of water Ė see you at the put in!!


Special Places to Paddle:

Ozette Lake, Washington

by Robert. Horner

This was my first experience in canoe tripping, that is putting all your food and gear into a craft and paddling to your temporary home. Ozette Lake skirts the western portion of Olympic National Park and is a "Waldo" sized lake. It has a "boat-in" campground and many trails to the Ocean, all about 2-3 miles in length. It is located in the N.W. corner of the state. It would be a wonderful, "not to busy" lake to explore, with 2 or 3 islands to make it more interesting.


Sparks Lake, Cascade Lakes, Oregon

by Robert Horner

This lake just off Oregon Highway 46, is a close cousin to Hosmer Lake, fun to explore by canoe and hike by trail. Its southern area has beautiful lava formations and many inlets to check out. Its very shallow and swimable in the summer and the scenery is postcard perfect. Itís on Hwy 46 which goes on to Bend. See the Hosmer Lake article for more info about the area.

Warning LOG JAM below Bellinger Landing:

by lana lindstrom

Some of you may have read Mike Stahlberg's article in the Register Guard at the end of April about the log jam right below Bellinger Landing on the McKenzie, but just in case not, it's a potentially deadly one. Each year, it seems as though this dangerous spot gets worse and worse. Shortly after you put on at Bellinger, the river braids into several channels. The only way to get through, however, is the far left channel which sweeps around a big bend, thereby hiding what's ahead. At the bottom of the bend, is a big log jam and you REALLY have to work hard to stay out of it. Many unsuspecting people launch on this "quiet" section of the McKenzie, unaware of the danger immediately down river. Apparently, Bruce Mason, UO Outdoor Program, who lives nearby, has had to rescue several people who have gotten stuck there. BE CAREFUL! Lana

Trip Notices:

Hosmer Lake Campout:

by Robert Horner

Its gotten to be our annual rite of summer and our favorite area to camp. The lakes around Hosmer are just as inviting but there will always be a special feeling for us at this lake for camping and paddling. This year we will be heading over Sunday June 21st and invite Cascade Canoe Club members and friends to join us. Let us know if you want a site saved for you or just when you plan on arriving. If you have never seen this area, you are in for a special treat. Lots of things to do from paddling, fishing and day hikes to just sitting and watching the sunset. We usually have a pot-luck dinner and breakfast plus paddles together. Lots of exploring possibilities and fireside laughter and fun. Come and join us!!! Robert


Flatwater Skill Builder:

by Neila Campbell

On Saturday, June 20 we'll meet at the canoe canal by Autzen Stadiun to practice and refine our flatwater paddling skills. We'll work on strokes that will make our turns crisp and smooth and practice that pesky J stroke to keep our boats going straight when we want them to. To make your turns turnier and your straights straighter call 345-5115 for a good time. Omar is coordinating and hopefully we'll have other experienced paddlers to share tips.

Canoe Camping Tips:

John McCoy mentioned a canoe loading tip that we should have mentioned at the last meeting. When loading gear put the heaviest stuff like water and kitchen gear low and centered in the boat. This keeps the center of gravity low and in the middle of the boat which greatly aids stability. Omar