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- May 2004 -

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Welcome to the May Newsletter!

Crazy weather isn't it? We've been hitting record highs the last couple of weeks and with the recently downsized estimates on the snowpack many are wondering if there will be any water in their favorite streams by August! I hate to say it but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for rain... Pessimistic predictions aside, there is plenty of water and sunshine now and if you haven't been out yet, well, you've been missing out on some really great paddling. Several of us have run the Coast Fork Willamette as well as other seasonal runs like the Mohawk and Calapooia; check out the Pic Bucket for the Kodak moments, or better yet, become a trip coordinator and make your own! ;)

See you in an eddie,
~ the editor

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Welcome New CCC Members!

A big welcome to the following new members:

Oscar Kimbrough		Janey Miller

OR River Access Group Formed

(paraphrased from a eugenekayaker list post)
Concerns over a string of proposed Oregon bills perceived to diminish the public's access to the state's waterways prompted several fishing enthusiasts to form the Coalition for Oregon River Rights (CORR). The group is trying to broaden their membership by reaching out to the paddling community, a group which shares many of their concerns. CORR appears to be a non-partisan group focused on ensuring that Oregon not become another Colorado - a state that has severely restricted public access to it's rivers and streams. Learn more at the CORR web site: http://www.riverrights.org

The Spirit of Eugene Inaugurated

The City of Eugene's massive 29 foot canoe, named The Spirit of Eugene, was inaugurated April 27th at Fern Ridge Reservoir. The canoe can carry 14 passengers and has removable seats to accommodate folks with special needs. The canoe will be used mainly for youth programs but may be made available to qualified groups. If you'd like to take a few strokes in the big red canoe there is a scheduled trip August 26th: see the City of Eugene's Spring/Summer 2004 Recreational Services catalog for details or call the Riverhouse at 682-5329

Heading Out into the Dunes - Florence, OR
March 2004 - photo by Clarence Lysdale

(See the Pic-Bucket for more trip pictures)

Baidarka Open House Hosted by CCCer

CCC member Dick Cross held an open house recently to give folks the opportunity to view a custom made baidarka built by a local boat builder. Several CCCers took Dick up on the offer. Baidarka is simply the russian word for "small boat" but is generally used to refer to the sleek skin-on-frame kayaks that originated from the Aleutians in Alaska. The kayak was about 17 feet in length and constructed of red and yellow cedar with a tough but flexible coated nylon skin. A pair of reproduction Greenland paddles were also on display. Horst took a couple of pictures which are in the Pic-bucket. Dick will likely have the boat a while longer, so those that missed the open house but would like to see the baidarka should probably contact him in the very near future.

---: Schedule :---    

CCC Meeting - Alton Baker Park - May 4th, 6:30pm

Our first outdoor meeting of the year. We'll be meeting under the pavillion in Alton Baker park (near the duck pond; see map link below). We'll have a potluck, discuss the agenda items, then finish things off with an evening paddle on the canal (depending on weather).

Agenda items:

  • Memorial Day weekend trip
  • Proposed club name change
  • More May/June trip planning
  • Potluck & Paddle

Location:  	Alton Baker Park Shelter (near Ferry Street Bridge)
Date/Time:  	May 4th (Tues) 6:30 - 9:00 pm
Directions: 	See Meeting Locations map

Mystery Paddle - May 10th

The details are still sketchy; probably something on the Coast Fork Willamette. Ideas welcome.

Contact Mari at 541.683.1248 (after 9 AM) for more info.

MF Willamette River, Hills Creek Dam to Lookout Reservoir - date TBA

This is the same fantastic run we did last October: see the November 2003 newsletter trip report for further enlightenment. The specs: Gradient 18 fpm; Class 2+ / one class 2-3 rapid: 'Hells Gate' (boulders - more technical than big waves), can be scouted from Westfir bridge. Also see Soggy Sneakers run #71 Pat Welch's sub-page.

Contact Lana at 683-1409 to get the ball rolling.

McKenzie River, Leaburg Landing to Hendricks Landing - May 16th

Fun Class II trip on a nearby river. Reference Soggy Sneakers #80. Most of the run is Class I/I+ but the rapid near the take-out is Class II. It took us about 5 hours last summer, but higher flows ought to shorten that. Meet 9:30am at the Springfield Albertsons (East end of lot) on HWY 126. Please call to confirm.

Contact Mari at 541.683.1248

Something nearby (Fall Creek maybe?) - May 23rd

Probably Fall Creek (Class II) or Dexter to Jasper (Class I+). Will make announcement as date approaches. Other ideas welcome.

Contact Mari at 541.683.1248

Kalamath River Trip (CA) - June 11,12,13

(paraphrased from earlier email)
Regarding the Kalamath River trip, here's what we know so far: We have a reservation for space 12 at Tree of Heaven C.G. June 10, 11, 12. There's about 25 miles of pretty nice class II stream available from Tree of Heaven C.G. There is a group space available there and if justified by confirmed interest I could possibly reserve that for us. Space 12 is close to the John and should accommodate 10/15 campers. Parking at all sites is limited so some would have to park their cars at the day use lot about 100 yds from campsite. Our runs could be divided up as Iron Gate to Collier 1st day, Collier to Tree of Heaven 2nd day and Tree of H. to pullout at MP 25.1 .

For more info contact Lee and/or Ellen ASAP at 741-9824.

---: Reports :---    

Day Tripping in the Florida Everglades

We recently took a trip to South Florida to visit relatives and see some of the area's remaining natural spaces. March seemed a good time to go; it's the end of the "snow bird" migration and a bit before the monsoons. We spend several days on the Florida Keys, then headed north and west to Everglade City, (northwest corner of Everglades NP).

Determined to "paddle the Everglades" I talked my significant other into renting a canoe for the day and paddling up a muddy thread of water known as Halfway Creek. The going was a bit tough at first as we had to fight a headwind from the marina to the mouth, mostly open bay. Lots of pelicans about, which helped distract us some. Once out of the wind we worked our way up against the slow current past roughly a dozen modest homes, then into the mangroves.

The mangroves more or less dominate the landscape - what little actual land there is: mostly it appears to be soupy looking mud with mangrove roots rising out everywhere. Landing is near impossible; you just tie-up to the roots, sit in the boat and swat mosquitoes. We had heard the usual horror stories regarding the bloodsuckers but except for one particularly stagnant area within the mangrove tunnel they really weren't noticeable - the upside to having a steady breeze.

There are no alligators on the lower section of Halfway Creek; the water there is brackish and gators apparently only do freshwater. In fact we didn't see much of anything except for a few small finch-like birds. The only critters in abundance were the rather creepy looking crabs, about the size of walnuts, that lived on the mangrove roots. The crabs were elusive and would move to the underside of the roots when we approached; I never was able to get a picture of one.

After several hours we had had our fill of mangroves and turned around, stopping once to let an unbelievable large tour boat squeeze by. Back on the bay we put the tail wind to good use and glided most the way to the marina.

Photos? Of course - check out http://beaker.freeshell.org/pics/everglades/ -- Jeff Woodall

---: Misc :---    

Demo Days at Oregon River Sports

Local paddlesport proprietor ORS will be hosting a couple of "Demo Days" this month. If you're in the market for a new canoe or kayak this just might be the perfect venue to test paddle a lot of boats in an afternoon...

  • Canoe Demo Day - May 23rd
  • Sea Kayak Demo Day - May 30th

    Both events are at Perkins Peninsula on Fern Ridge Reservoir from 11am to 4 pm. Check out ORS on the web for details: www.oregonriverports.com

    UO Outdoor Program Quarterly Events

    The UO Outdoor Program has a couple of white water related clinics this month:

    • Paddle Captains Clinic - Thursday and Sunday, May 13 and 16
    • River Rescue Clinic (raft & kayak) - Saturday, May 15

    Cost is about $12/day for the general public. See their web site for more details.

    Ref: UO Outdoor Program's Quarterly Events calendar.

    Lower Columbia Canoe Club Offers May and June Clinics

    The LCCC is offering a couple of canoe clinics that might be of interest to those looking to improve their skills. The following are being offered:

    • May 15th/16th - Flat/Moving Water clinic
    • June 5th/6th - White Water clinic

    The cost is about $35. See http://www.l-ccc.org for more info.

  • ---: Feedback :---    

    April CCC Meeting Minutes

    • thirteen (13) attended
    • Horst gave slide presentation of Lower John Day Trip
    • Donna provided list of upcoming Lunartics trips
    • some trip planing; possible John Day trip descussed

    Newsletter Contributions Wanted

    Got something to add? Anything remotely canoeing related is welcome. Photos, stories, tips, whatever,
    can be send it to the editor at    jeffwoodall "at" myrealbox "dot" com .