March - 1998 Volume V, Number 2

First Tuesday of every month, 7:00 p.m.

Episcopal Church of the Resurrection

3925 Hilyard St., Eugene


First Tuesday of every month, 6:30 p.m.

Various boating sites

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Next Meeting:

April 7, 1998

7:00 P.M. Episcopal Church of the Resurrection


Next Newsletter: Deadline APRIL 15, Newsletter due out April 20, 1998


March Meeting Notes

by Mike Harrington


The Cascade Canoe Club met on March 3 at the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection. Robert Horner presided.

(Minutes will be available at the April 7th Meeting)


Officers for 1998 will be as follows: Robert Horner, President and Public Information Officer; Omar Nelson, Vice President and Flat Water Coordinator; Lyn Gilman-Garrick, Secretary; Becky Koble, Treasurer; John McCoy, Newsletter Editor; Mike Harrington. (Still learning MS-Word have patience).


Siltcoos Lake Weekend

by Robert l and Cheryl Horner

Thanks so much to Dixie Maurer-Clemons and her husband Mike for a special time at Siltcoos Station. With the usual unstable weather this time of the year, we still got in some good paddling trips although it was guesswork whether to grab the sunglasses, sunscreen or the rain gear. The meals were great and the domino competition fierce with our friends from Mexico. The LCC facility was really comfortable and works especially well with a group like ours. Iím already looking forward to next year. The highlight this year while paddling was a pair of eagles overhead with one successfully diving for a fish. It was a beautiful sight! Great week-end!

Voyageur Canoe Project- We had visions of a large canoe, maybe with 10 paddlers all stroking together on a windy day, on a large lake like Waldo, cutting through the waves with lots of laughter and energy. But it takes funds and soliciting financial support for this project, which Iím not good at. I never got any indications there was any interest in the project anyway, so I think it will slowly start to sink at this poing. Thanks to all the boat builders and others who hung with us on this idea. It could still happen, I havenít totally given up on my vision, but I need help.


Trips Scheduled:

April 4 Siuslaw River or N. Fork of the Siuslaw River Leader John McCoy

May 9 Scoville Creek, Reedsport, Leader Phil Backman

May 23 to 25 (Memorial Day W/E) John Day River

Leader Phil Backman

June 6 - Lower Santiam River, Leader John McCoy

Oct 3 Clear Lake Leader Mary Batton


Special Places to Paddle:

by Robert Horner President

In this column we welcome contributions of your special flat or moving water paddling places. Daytrips/canoeing, extended trips, local trips or far away. If it is canoeable and interesting then share them with us. Here are a couple to get us started.


Beaver Creek - on the Oregon Coast between Waldport and Newport at Ona State Park. This stream runs inland for about three miles through a Heron rookery, along pasture land and is a scenic quiet paddle. The creek runs through the picnic area and provides an opportunity to start and finish at your picnic table.


Isle Royal National Park - Located in Lake Superior, this island wilderness provides many miles of waterways connected by short portages and lots of hiking trails. Lots of wildlife including the most studied wolves vs. moose in the world. You must take a ferry to the island and stay at designated camping areas unless you have a special permit. The permit expands your camping options. Information will be available at our monthly April meeting on this unique national park. Robt.. Horner

Earth Day, April 18

Itís coming up! A chance to do our small part in and times will be discussed at the April Club meeting. As important as all the garbage we remove from the waterways, is the example we show to the public of how we feel and respect the beauty they afford us.

In past years weíve had lots of fun paddling and working together. Last year Lulaís Chili really topped off a really fun and rewarding day.

Come join us!!


The sweat shirts are coming!

The sweatshirts are coming!

Possibly by next meeting our sweatshirts will be done and ready to be proudly displayed on our favorite waterway.


Klamath Lake/Woods River trip Information

By Lana Lindstrom

Lana and Jack Lindstrom, (541)-683-1409 will lead a Woods River/Klamath Lake trip on Sat May 2 and Sun May 3rd. On Sat. weíll canoe the Woods River, a meandering creek which requires some turning ability, but is flat water. On Sun, weíll either canoe the Klamath Lake canoe trail or explore the Williamson River, another flat but moving water creek. Accommodations are either camping or in cottages.

Leader Lana and Jack Lindstrom


Siltcoons Lake Outlet Canoe Bypass Proposed

.U. S. Forest Service Ranger Dave Beck gave a presentation at the Siltcoos Station outing about plans for a byway over the Siltcoos Dam. Because of the service fees now being collected by the Forest Service there is extra funds for special projects. He envisions a portage ramp that would make it easy to travel from Siltsoos lake down to the Siltcoos River. It would give us the ability to travel from the Lake down the outlet to the ocean. There are river side campgrounds that would then me more available. More information in later newsletters will be posted. He will need some members participating in a couple July/Aug work week-ends, but the portage will be well worth it.



Missing: Hobie Sunglasses- loaned out during a paddle in late summer.

If you have found a pair of Hobie sunglasses in your paddling gear in the last three or four months, please call John McCoy at 726-0877.

For Sale: Gruman canoe carrying yoke. Price negotiable. Call Mike Bebout at 686-1174.

For Sale: Paddles from Paradise. You choose the length, style, and type of wood. Or pick out a paddle in stock. Laminated for strength and beauty. Bent or straight shaft. Robert 342-2246.

For Sale: 5 gallon olive containers (made famous in Omarís canoe camping equipment presentation) for carrying charcoal and other items which need to be kept dry. You can get them at Canoe club meetings for $5 each. Mike 741-8661.

For Sale: WILLAMETTE RIVER INTERPRETIVE MANUAL by Elizabeth Gates of the Natural History and Environmental Program at UO, is a 60 page book highlighting the river from Day Island Park to Marshall Island. $7.95. Contact Mike Hussey - 741-8661 or Elizabeth at 346-5431.

Found: Ideal canoeing partner!!!

Several ads have appeared in the last year seeking the ideal canoeing. partner. CA-News is proud to announce she has been found! Her name is Liberty, she loves to swim and nature watch, (particularly birds) and except for whimpering, is relatively quiet.

Congratulations Herb!