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- June 2004 -

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Welcome to the June - and my last - Newsletter!

Yup, Cheryl and I are moving (back) to the City of Roses!

Consequentially, this will likely be my last newsletter for the canoe club: guess I'll need to find another unsuspecting group to inflict my drivel on... In the rather short interim I'd be very pleased to find a willing replacement. The technical aspects aren't particularly difficult; the hardest part is finding the time to write.

Our short stay in Eugene has been fun: I'll definitely miss the lack of traffic and living so close to so many relatively unspoiled rivers and lakes. Chances are good that I'll see at least some of you again - like on the next Rogue trip!

See you down the river,
~ Jeff Woodall

---: News :---    

CCC has New Home - and URL!

The recent changes at Eugene Free Network (EFN), prompted a search for a new home on the Internet. That search led to SDF/Freeshell.org, a not-for-profit unix shell account provider. The new CCC URL is http://canoe.freeshell.org. Please note that the club's email list is still hosted with EFN and remains the same: ccc-list@efn.org.

Many thanks are due Horst for the what has essentially been a seamless transition.

Lunch Time Log - Florence, Oregon
March 2004 - photo by Clarence Lysdale

(See the Pic-Bucket for more trip pictures)

---: Schedule :---    

CCC Meeting & Paddle - Coyote Creek - June 1st, 6:30pm

June 1st is about 2 days before the full moon -- perfect for paddling out on Fern Ridge reservoir, watching the sunset, and then returning at 'bright' moon light on Coyote Creek. Bug repellent is suggested.

Agenda items:

  • July trip planning
  • Plans for newsletter
  • Eugene Celebration planning
  • open deck to any other issues

Date/Time: June 1st, 6:30 ~ 9:00 pm

Directions: Coyote Creek is a tributary of Fern Ridge reservoir. To get to the canoe put-in, take 11th Ave (Hwy 126) west out of Eugene to Central Road (adjacent Perkins Peninsula Park) and turn left (south). Take the next Left (Cantrell Road) and drive ~ 1 mile until you come to the Coyote Creek bridge. Park on north shoulder.

Row River - Dorena Dam to Cottage Grove - Memorial Day Weekend

This is a fun local run with something for almost anyone. The first mile below the dam is Class III with several ledge drops. After that things get easier (Class I+/II). Those looking for less excitement can simply put in below the first mile at the bridge. See run #63 in Soggy Sneakers, 3rd ed.

Dave W. has generously offered use of his property for camping (it's on the river), so we can more or less do the run several times, then kick back at camp and burn some marshmallows.

Watch the email list and/or contact Horst for more info.

John Day River - Clarno to Cottonwood - June 3th-9th

The details are still being worked out but several folks are interested in this trip so it'll likely happen. See trip #187 in the 3rd edition of Soggy Sneakers.

Contact Mari at 541.683.1248 (after 9 AM) for more info.

Kalamath River Trip (CA) - June 11,12,13

(paraphrased from earlier email)

Regarding the Kalamath River trip:
Here's what we know so far: We have a reservation for space 12 at Tree of Heaven C.G. June 10, 11, 12. There's about 25 miles of pretty nice class II stream available from Tree of Heaven C.G. There is a group space available there and if justified by confirmed interest I could possibly reserve that for us. Space 12 is close to the John and should accommodate 10/15 campers. Parking at all sites is limited so some would have to park their cars at the day use lot about 100 yds from campsite. Our runs could be divided up as Iron Gate to Collier 1st day, Collier to Tree of Heaven 2nd day and Tree of H. to pullout at MP 25.1 .

For more info contact Lee and/or Ellen ASAP at 741-9824.

MF Willamette River, Hills Creek Dam to Lookout Pt Reservoir - date TBA

This is the same fantastic run we did last October: see the November 2003 newsletter trip report for further enlightenment. The specs: Gradient 18 fpm; Class 2+ / one class 2-3 rapid: 'Hells Gate' (boulders - more technical than big waves), can be scouted from Westfir bridge. Also see Soggy Sneakers run #71 Pat Welch's sub-page.

Contact Lana at 683-1409 to get the ball rolling.

---: Reports :---    

McKenzie River - Leaburg Dam to Hendricks - May 16th

Clarence and I had very nice paddle. 15 miles. Trip #80 in the third edition of Soggy Sneakers. We crossed the dam and put on immediately below the dam river left. The road across the dam is periodically closed for some sort of maintenance but not on the day we did it (Sunday). Whatever the water level was it was just right. Not many rocks exposed and enough current to make rocks fly by. More maneuvering required in the first half of the trip. At Walterville signs direct boaters to take the left channel to avoid some sort of EWEB improvement. I think this is a trip we should do more often. We put on at 11 and with gentle paddling and one short lunch break we took out at 3:30. --Mari

---: Misc :---    

Wanted: Newsletter Editor for Cascade Canoe Club

Needed ASAP. Unpaid. Some training provided. Must be willing to stretch the truth, badger others and butcher the english language. Canoeing and/or kayaking experience a plus. For further inquiry call Jeff Woodall at 342-8371 or send email to jeffwoodall "at" myrealbox "dot" com .

Lower Columbia Canoe Club Offers May and June Clinics

LCCC is offering a WW canoe clinic that might be of interest to those looking to improve their skills:

  • June 5th/6th - White Water clinic

The cost is about $35. See http://www.l-ccc.org for more info.

Demo Days at Oregon River Sports

Local paddlesport proprietor ORS has the following paddling events scheduled this month:

  • Sunday June 6, 2004
    Anniversary Day Used Gear Swap
    It's our 8-year anniversary & were having a big swap meet!
    Call to register for a sales spot.
  • Saturday June 19, 2004
    Paddle with ORS in Florence
    We'll be bringing several of our flatwater kayaks and canoes to
    lakes throughout our region. The first one will take place in
    Florence at East Woahink Lake.
  • Sunday June 20, 2004
    Paddle with ORS in Coos Bay
    This next one will take place in Coos Bay at Empire Lakes.

Check out ORS on the web for details: www.oregonriversports.com

City of Eugene/River House Trip Schedule

River House
301 N. Adams St.
Eugene, OR 97402
(541) 682-5329
FAX (541) 682-6319
Office Hours:
Noon to 4 pm M-F


56652     07/08 - 07/11    SuTh       $59    River House
56653     08/11 - 08/14    WSa        $59    River House

56654     07/29 - 08/01    SuThSa     $87    River House

56651     08/24 - 08/29    SuTuSa    $114    River House

56657     07/15 - 07/25    SuThSa    $225    Echo Hollow Pool
56658     08/12 - 08/22    SuThSa    $225    Echo Hollow Pool

Paddle with a bunch of Lunartics

The Lunartics have the following trips scheduled in June:

  • Tuesday, 1 June: Full Moon Paddle.
  • Sunday, 6 June: Paddle the ocean from Port Orford.
  • Wednesday, 30 June: Full Moon Paddle

The Lunartics are in Gold Beach and on the web at http://www.ourwebmaster.com/lunartics/

---: Feedback :---    

May Meeting Minutes

  • five (5) members attended ; had potluck
  • discused doing a Memorial Day trip
  • picked June meeting location (Coyote Creek)
  • discussed and rejected proposed name change
  • discuss EFN-to-Freeshell web host migration
  • discussed logistics of doing an Umpqua over-nighter

Newsletter Contributions Wanted

Got something to add? Anything remotely canoeing related is welcome. Photos, stories, tips, whatever,
can be send it to the editor at    jeffwoodall "at" myrealbox "dot" com .