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- June 2003 -

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    Welcome to the June Newsletter!
    With the rainy season seemingly behind us (finally!) many are just getting out on the water for the first time. This is the time folks are often least prepared for trouble should it arise. Even on familar rivers things can look quite different from the last time you ran it as spring rains may have deposited logs and other debris in unexpected places. Its best to stay alert and scout questionable sections whenever possible. Its also a good idea to go over some basic hand signals prior to shoving off so if you do run into something you can quickly communicate it to others. Have fun and be safe - so we'll continue to see you on the river!
    - the editor

---: News :---    

Alton Baker Boat Ramp Dedication
The city of Eugene will officially dedicate the Alton Baker boat ramp at 11:00 a.m. Saturday, May 31st. The dedication will be followed by a boat parade at 11:30 a.m. and all non-motorized boaters are invited to participate. Participants are asked to have their crafts in the water by 11:00 a.m. and to follow standard water safety guidelines (wear lifejackets ; have a whistle). Call 684-4800 for more event info; 684-7747 for boat parade info. This is a free event.

ORS Demo Day at Dexter Reservoir
Oregon River Sports will host a sea kayak demo day at Dexter Reservoir June 7th from 11 a.m to 4 p.m. Approximately 60 boats will be on hand, as will various manufacturer representatives. For more information call ORS at 334-0696 or on the web at http://www.oregonriversports.com

CCC Meeting, Potluck, & Paddle - June 3rd
Join CCC for a potluck and paddle at the Corp of Engineers park (south end of Shore Road ; see map) on the east side of Fern Ridge reseroir. This is also our June meeting so bring any ideas or issues you'd like to see discussed. We'll kickoff things with a potluck about 6:00 p.m. (finger foods work best, but really anything is fine), then push off for some flatwater paddling and probably a lovely sunset over the lake. All are welcome so bring a friend!

CCC member Bob Huntley running the rapids below Pengra covered bridge on Fall Creek - May 2003
- photo by Horst

---: Schedule :---    

Boat Ramp Dedication Float - May 31st
Several CCCers are planning on doing a "preemptive" up-river launch as part of the Alton Baker boat ramp dedication event (see elsewhere in this issue). We will be putting in approximately 9:15 a.m. at D-street (see map), and taking out at the Beltline bridge. For more info contact Horst at 687-5796 or canoe@freeshell.org .

CCC Meeting - June 3th @ 6:00pm
June meeting, paddle & potluck at COE park at Fern Ridge. See News section for details.

First Friday Paddle (tentative) - June 6th @ 5:00pm
Something easy; something local. Watch email list for update

Middle Fork Willamette - Dexter Dam to Jasper Bridge - June 22nd
This is a fairly easy class-I local run well described in Soggy Sneakers (#72, page 113). Meet under the Jasper bridge at 10:00 a.m., where we'll work out the shuttle and head upstream to Dexter dam. Watch email list for updates. Contact Mari B. at 683-1248 or marib@efn.org for more info and to confirm.

Little Lava/Hosmer Lakes - June 23~30
This year will be a little different as we will spend a few days at the former an finish up our week at the latter. We will be heading over June 23 this year for a week (or more) of camping, canoeing and some day hikes but mostly just lazing around the campsites and will probably make the switch over to Hosmer Lake on Thursday, the 26th. Come for as long as you can. Maybe we could have a pot-luck on Sat. It was great fun last year!
Robert and Cheryl Horner - 342-2246

Riverhouse Trip Schedule
The Riverhouse has the following classes and trips scheduled:

1.    John Day River trip May 29-June 1 pretrip May 21. $340. Service
      Creek to Clarno. Transportation provided, raft supported.
2.    Willamette River overnight Aug 23/24, pretrip Aug 18. $114.
3.    Coyote Creek June 21. $20
4.    Santiam River Aug 2. $52
5.    Clear Lake Aug 9. $36
6.    Canoe basics June 10 (evening), June 14 (day)
7.    Canoe basics July 29(evening), Aug 3 (day)
8.    Canoe river combo July 16 (evening), July 19/20 (day)
9.    Kayak 1 lesson series evening July 17,24. River session July 26,27
10.   Kayak 1 lesson series evening Aug 7,14. River session Aug 16,17
Call 682-5329 for more info or visit www.ci.eugene.or.us/rec.

---: Reports :---    

Coast Fork Willamette: Hwy 58 to Island Park - 5/2/2003
Horst put together this memorable First Friday evening float trip and good times were had by all. After a short un-scheduled trip to Creswell (note to Jeff: stick to roads you know), we all arrived at the put-in at the appointed time, quickly got our stuff in order and pushed off. There were just four of us: Donna, Don, Horst and myself and we made our way down the river at a fairly good clip. There are no real hazards on this stretch though we did encounter one ever-so-slightly-tricky Class 1 rapid approximately two miles into our trip which we all ran successfully on the far left. We spied several birds of prey as well as geese, ducks and a sole swimmer(!) just above the confluence with the Middle Fork Willamette. Rain threatened but never developed until we finished up - about two hours after putting in. The rain produced one incredible rainbow which appeared to point toward the 19th Street Cafe and we dutifully followed as it was Don's birthday and celebratory toasts were in order... For the curious, this trip is listed in Paddling Lane County by Jim Hutchison (out of print but several members have a copy) - Jeff

Fall Creek: Dam to Willamette (SS#69) - 5/10/2003
Bob and Horst checked out this nice, and at 600cfs, still relatively fast run. The description in Soggy Sneakers is still accurate, except(?) that the put-in is about 1/4 mile below the dam, where the access road is blocked by a gate; either put in there, or better at the parking lot just before the road crosses the river, 200 yard before that gate. You can also portage your boat a few hundred feed past the gate and enjoy another 3 foot drop :-) None of us had done this run before so we were not able to tell if this gate was put in, or kept locked, due to recent paranoia. After 1 hour and 15 minutes we reached the class 2+ /3 drop below Pengra covered bridge; it's class 2+ if you scout from the bridge and line up like Bob did but class 3 trouble if you miss that shoot. We took out just past the confluence with the Willamette (several braided channels), at one of the parking opportunities frequently used by fishermen (steep shore access)-:
- Horst

Animas River, Durango Colorado - May 20th, 2003
I ran the Animas as a client of Flexible Flyers Rafting during a lunch stop while returning from a visit to my dad's place in the Texas panhandle. Though I've been through Durango several times in the past, it was always later in the summer with the Animas too low for boating. This time however the water level was near perfect and the weather not too hot - an opportunity that just couldn't be passed up.

The run I signed up for was two hours long, with the bulk of the action packed into the last half-hour. The highlight is a Class-III river-wide hole call "The Smelter" - not for what it wants to do to you but for the smelter that once sat on the adjacent bank. Being the lone client I was accompanied by a group of architecture students taking a break from their "building with mud" tour of the Southwest. There were two rafts: ours full of paddlers, the other populated by the more passive and propelled via guide with long oars. After the usual orientation regiment we launched, practicing a few maneuvers until we hit some froth. All went well until we got to The Smelter: you know something is up when the guide yells "holy sh%#t!". Sure enough, Smelter was looking Class-IV that day and was particularly grabby. We powered through its grasp but our companions weren't as empowered and the sudden jerk tossed one gal into the drink. Did I mention the drink bore a surprising resemblance to a frappuccino? Not terribly inviting. Fortunately our companion was quickly plucked out of the churn and aside from a scratched knee and dented ego she was fine. The take-out shortly followed and we rung ourselves out and bid our farewells. I was so energized I jumped in the car and drove another 4 hours towards home. - Jeff

McKenzie River: Hayden Bridge to Armitage - 5/17/2003
Eight club members ( Joan, John and their sweet dog, Don, Marilyn, Bob, Phil and Horst) enjoyed this scenic float under largely sunny weather. A bald eagle posed for us patiently and two blue herons came even closer, but then got a bit nervous and took off. And of course, there were countless ducklings and geese. At lunch break (just across from the nude beach according to Marilyn) some dark clouds moved in and one person was hit by 'one drop of rain'. Now guess, who that was? (anybody with the club for more than a year would know who's attracting the wet stuff...). As soon as we had packed up and started floating again the sun came back and stayed with us till the take-out. - Horst

WKCC Safety Weekend - April 26th & 27th
Occasionally my mind wanders over all the awful things that can happen to one in swift water, so when this workshop got posted on the white-water list I decided to sign up. WKCC has been doing these clinics for several years at Longbow group camp, located on the South Santiam upstream of Sweet Home. Its an excellent site as it has a suitable stretch of river, a cliff for rapelling, and several substantial vintage CCC shelters. Unfortunately this year's clinic coincided with some very wet weather, so the place was a mud pit (I had the good sense to bring my gardening boots which I wore the whole weekend). However, weather aside, the event was very informative and the instructors quite competent. Saturday was spent learning all about ropes: various knots and when to use them, unpinning stuck boats and boaters, rapelling techniques and of course the proper ways of tossing. Sunday was more rope tricks, first aid and river signals, followed by some in-water exercises. I anticipated the thrill of jumping into ice water and opted not to bring a wet/dry suit. Instead I happily caught all the fun on film and video from the comparatively dry bank. In hindsight I really should have rented that dry suit as the in-water exercises were very well thought out, consisting of a) how to throw a throw bag and how to catch it, b) how to swim a rapid, c) swift water crossing techniques (including carrying a body), and d) how to approach a strainer (as a swimmer) - all good stuff to know before you find yourself in such a circumstance.

In between all the hard work there was plenty of good food (one guy even boiled a vat of peanuts!) and interesting conversations. About 23 people attended, some from WKCC, some not; most in the 25 to 45 range. All in all, for $35 it was a heck of a deal. Of course all this newly acquired knowledge is quickly seeping out as I've not since practiced any of it, but I do have a nicely bound hand-out from the clinic which can be used as a refresher and at the very least I'll be reviewing the basic safety and river signals and incorporating them on any future club trips I lead - you've been warned! :) - Jeff

---: Misc :---    

Northwest River Forecast Center Website
Some of you no doubt know about this site already, but for those who don't this is one worth checking out. They now have clickable layered maps of the Pacific NW river basins. Its an excellent addition to Pat Welche's river levels site. Check them out at http://www.nwrfc.noaa.gov/. - Jeff

OSMB Willamette River Guide
The Oregon State Marine Board has a number of free publications of interest to canoeists, including the much-prized Willamette River Recreation Guide available for download from their web site. Its a PDF file, so you'll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar to view it. Printed copies may also be available: call the Marine Board at (503) 378-8587 extension 250, or email them at Marine.Board@state.or.us

LCCC Canoe Clinics

The Lower Columbia Canoe Club  has the following upcoming clinic:

- Whitewater clinic on May 31st & June 1st

The cost of these clinics are:
-Clinic fees $30.00* per person
-LCCC membership $20.00 per household
-ACA insurance $5.00 per person

*A $5.00 late registration fee applies for those who register within 10
days of the course.

More information can be found at: http://www.l-ccc.org

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May Meeting Minutes

  • approximately 12 in attendance
  • Omar gave excellent slide show of his Black Canyon trip
  • discussed/planned club calendar
  • planned June meeting/potluck/paddle at Fern Ridge

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