June, 2000 Volume VII , Number 6

Program for june

Coyote Creek Paddle

Tuesday, June 6

Meet at 6:30 at the canoe launch on Coyote Creek for a snack on potluck finger food. While partaking, we will solve most of the world’s problems and decide on a location for the July meeting. Then we will paddle up or down Coyote Creek.

Program for july

Somewhere on the water. TBA


Hooded Sweatshirts
-If there are enough new people interested in getting an order together we need only fifteen orders, minimum. They have the club logo on them and are of good quality. They run about 18.00 to 20.00 bucks. If your interested give me a ring and I'll start a list.


minutes for may

The May meetiing of the Cascade Canoe Club was attended by 20 people. As the Prez and Vice Prez are still out paddeling somewhere Michael Alender

introduced our speaker, Gary Adams. Gary is from Canby,OR and is a member of Grand Canyon Public Boaters Association. Gary presented a wonderful slide show of the Grand Canyon. While we marveled at the beautiful sights he explained to us the formation of the GCPBA, Grand Canyon Public Boaters Association, and the need for changes in the Colorado River Management

Plan. The CRMP was enacted in 1979 in responce to the impact of ever increasing use had on the river and canyon. Although the CRMP has been revised over the years these revisions have in effect put further limitations on non commercial uasge. Did you know it could take up to 20 years for your permit to be issued. However if you wanted to pay one of the commercial companies BIG money you could go this summer. Does this sound fair? If not how about helping the GCPB make some changes. www.gcpba.org

(ed. note: the July issue of Canoe & Kayak Magazine has an article on this and the lawsuit CRMP has filed.)

former prez -- now famous

The R-G published an "Active Years" supplement included in the May 25 issue of the paper. One of the articles was on paddling for seniors. The main source of information for the article, with numerous quotes attributed to him, was former Prez Omar Nelson. Included with the article was a nice photo by Bryan Weed of a canoe with Omar paddling in the stern, Rosemary Mulligan in the bow and Dick Mulligan in his preferred recumbent position in the middle. The article did not indicate if Omar qualifies as a senior.

In case you missed the supplement, Omar has 200 extra copies. He will be bringing them to the June meeting and will let you have one for a nominal fee. (Copies with the photo autographed are double the nominal fee.)

trip reports

Fish Lake

Fish Lake trip-----It felt more like a winter day than spring on this crisp overcast Saturday. There was Phil, Pete, Mari, Cheryl and myself.
I must point out that the strip canoes outnumbered the kayaks (Mari, is the short little craft you were paddling in the 'yak-class). There were a number of interesting ducks, birds flittering about and high up I spotted an Osprey who was looking hard for fish (I didn't see any either). It was very calm on the water and our timing was great as the raindrops waited till we took out.

Willametter River (Dexter Dam to Jasper Park)
On a cloudy Mother's Day which soon turned sunny and warm, 2 kayaks, 2 canoes, and an inflatable checked out this stretch of river - Herb, Mari, Elizabeth, Dale, and Lana were the occupants in the boats. This is a wonderful quiet stretch which is incredibly close to town. It has several class I rapids (which often can be avoided), but mostly is just moving water, and it was REALLY cranking when we did it (6,100 cfs) - it only took us 3 hours including two leisurely breaks. In addition to the usual noisy geese (including two cute goslings), ducks, and osprey, we were fortunate to see a bald eagle. This trip will be repeated on Friday, June 16.

upcoming trips

Unless otherwise noted, all trips leave from the main parking lot at Alton Baker Park at 8:30 A.M. PFD required. Contact trip leader for more details. If you have signed up for a trip, let trip leader know if you have to cancel out.

Sun. June 11, Larison Cove, a designated canoe route off of Hills Creek Resevoir. kTake Highway 58 through Oakridge to the Hills Creek turnoff, stay on the rioad to the right of the dam.

Maps will be available at the June meeting as well as on the website. Either meet at the put in at 10:00 AM or at Alton Baker at 9:00 AM. Bring lunch and good stories.

leader: Steve Butler - 503-540-8631

Fri., June 16, Willamette River from Dexter Dam to Jasper Park. (see "Trip Reports" for a description of this run. sounds like a great trip.)

Meet at 5:00 at the Jasper Bridge.

leader: Gisela Garcia - 461-3397.

Sat., June 17, Coastal Lakes ( and maybe the deflation plain ) - specific lakes to be decided by participants and wind conditions,with 20 votes alloted to the leader.

Leave Alton Baker Park at 8:30 AM.

leader: Omar Nelson - 345-5115

Mid August (TBA) Hosmer Lake campout. leader: Robert Horner

member notes

The one noted member we used to have has gone to live off the land in Kamchatka. Kamchatka is a peninsula in Siberia sticking out into the Bering sea. Among its many attractions are a dozen or so active volcanos and the Steller Sea Eagle - not the inflatable boat, but a bird about twice the size of the Bald Eagle.

Though of no great significance, in case you also wanted to go see the eagle, it should probably be pointed out that there are about 10,000 Grizzlie Bears on Kamchatka. However, since they hibernate for half the year, that averages out to only 5,000 a day over the course of the year, which is not all that many when you think about it.

An adaptation of the book "The Perfect Storm" is opening at the end of June. The book is great, but a PBS documentary kid of fell flat because they were filming in 10 to 15 foot seas instead of the 100 foot seas in the actual storm. The new film uses special effects to recreate the storm. But, of course, any good kayaker could have handled such seas with aplomb.