Since the first Tuesday of July falls on the 4th, the consensus seems to be to meet on another evening. Some people will be out of town, some will be watching fireworks, some will be hiding from fireworks, some are not sure yet and any place near water is likely to be packed.
After extensive polling, the largest number of votes (1 1/2) is for a moonlight paddle on Fern Ridge. Sunday, July 16 is the day when the moon will be full. Moonrise will be at about 8:20 PM and sunset at about 9:00 PM. Since the moon usually rises in the East, the West side of the resevoir would provide the best view.
The Applegate Trail Center, which has a well kept grassy area and is adjacent to a nice ODFW launch site, is on the West side. (Don’t know if the Center is part of the ODFW Zumwalt Park or if there are any picnic tables - bring lawn chairs.) Meet there at 7:00 PM for potluck or 8:15 PM to just paddle. The site is reached from Highway 126 - take the first right after Perkins Peninsula State Park and follow the signs.

Eugene Celebration Booth

We have now submitted our application for a booth on one of the causeways at the Eugene Celebration in September. As usual, we will need 2 people to 'man' the booth in 2 hour shifts on Sat. from 9am to 7pm and Sun. from 11am to 5pm.
Its actually fun people watching and talking canoeing with people who stop by; also allows people a chance to discover our clubs' existence and an opportunity to join our fine organizaton (who knows, we might even find us a president and vice pres.).

Call either Robert (34202246) or Horst (687-5796) thanks


6/30 - 7/2 : lower Rogue River, Hog’s Creek to Service Creek, class II water.
trip leader: Lana Lindstrom 683-1409

August ??: Hosmer Lake campout, paddle Hosmer and other nearby lakes. Come for a day or a week.
trip leader: Robert Horner 342-2246

August ??: upper Deschutes River, Tetherow Landing to Big Bend, class I water.
trip leader: Lana Lindstrom 683-1409

August ??: Little Deschutes River, below Lapine from one of two road crossings to private landing - access being arranged. class I - water.
trip leader: Chris Luneski 687-0207

September: kind of a trip, but in a different sense - see the note about the Club’ booth at the Eugene Celebration.


Eight enthusiastic eaters showed up for the potluck meeting at Coyote Creek.
A light rain seemed to dampen the desire to paddle as no one ended up in or on the creek. After some business was conducted, paddeling stories told and possible trips discussed and we adjoined early.
A booth at the Eugene Celebration was discussed. (We had one last year.) The Celebration is Sept 16 & 17. Be prepared to volunteer some time to staff the booth. Some one will be calling you!

Cheryl Horner was wearing a Canoe Club sweat shirt. Hers ziped up and had a hood. Perfect for cool summer evenings. Be sure to call Robert with your size, and the style and color you desire. Robert Horner 342-2246 or

Janet Tower

6th Annual Willamette River Cleanup

Saturday June 20 was a splendid day. We scoured the banks of our local sweet Willy River and collected lots less trash than in previous years. The stalwart crew- Lana Lindstrom, Horst Lueck, Don Prebus, Jack Hart, Jamie from ORS, the LEAD team from River House ( a wonderful bunch of young people) the LEAD staff- Madge, Tom, and Jason, and myself did ourselves proud as we spent a bright sunshiny day on the river banks cleaning up from the winter's deposits and the campers leavings.
Our job would be ever so much easier if the city would provide places for campers to deposit their trash rather than putting it into the river or just leaving it lying around.
Our total for the day was sixty two bags of trash, two bike frames a very large piece of metal roofing and about 100 lbs of  metal scrap. The bummer find was when loading the trailer at the take out a whole bunch of needles came tumbling out of a tent that had been found. Fortunately all the needles were capped and no one got stuck.

As I said we collected much less stuff this year than last, I think for two reasons. 1st the water was high, covering lots of shelves and islands where we have found lots of stuff in the past and 2nd many of the campsites were occupied. In past years the camps were vacant and we could get in to clean those sites. The later date gave us nicer weather but the nicer weather
also allowed the campsites to fill.

The prize for largest trash goes to Jason for carrying a piece of metal roofing larger by far than his whitewater playboat. The most disgusting was, of course, the needles. The smallest trash was collected by all of us picking up bits of broken glass at the D Street Landing. The club president has the prizes and will distribute them when that honorable person shows up.

Many thanks to our supporters: the LEAD Team- what a great bunch, River House for providing barge boats, Oregen River Sports for providing a barge boat, Sanipac for giving us a drop box (the technical name for a dumpster), Les Schwab Tires for recycling tires, Lane County Solid Waste for waiving dump fees, and the club for buying pizza and soda for our lunch.. I'd also
like to thank Down by the RIverside for providing lots of encouragement and logistal support- trash bags, sharps containers, latex gloves. America Outdoors also provided trash bags. Thank you, thank you suporters and cleaners for your help in keeping the Willamette River beautiful.

The good news is that we had a great day on the water doing good for ourselves and our community. The bad news is that so few people were on hand to help. I'm going to gripe a bit . It's a lot of work to organize the cleanup, coordinating with River House, Sanipac, Les Schwab Tires, Oregon River Sports and Lane County Solid Waste.
I don't mind the work as long as the club is willing to support the effort to enhance our river community. If only four people from the club can bother to show up out of a dozen people that were there I don't think I'm willing to continue to organize the cleanup as a Cascade Canoe Club event. Let's talk about this at a future meeting.

 - Omar


Larison Cove: The only people that showed up for Larison Cove were Corine Hunt and Phil Backman, both from Eugene. We enjoyed a pleasant paddle around the cove and the weather cooperated by only dropping raindrops that were easily ignored.

Steve Butler