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- January 2003 -

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Welcome to the first CCC newsletter of 2003!
As the annual calendar rollover is traditionally accompanied by resolutions to eat less, exercise more, and live a fuller life, why not add one more: "I resolve to become more involved with CCC" (you saw this coming , didn't you?). Seriously, this one is a keeper: do this and you'll get more exercise, won't need to eat much less, and invariably make your life fuller. So much for so little - if only my financial investments had such returns...

Happy New Year!
- the editor

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"Wilderness Stream"  by Mitchel Jamieson (1915-1976)
"Wilderness Stream" by Mitchel Jamieson (1915-1976)
Gauche, 24 1/2" x 39 1/2"
From the US Bureau of Reclaimation's Fine Arts Collection (in the public domain)

CCC Dues are Due!
Yup, time to send in those dues. While technically due the 1st of the year, the grace period extends to March. Annual membership is still only $10 for individuals, $15 for families. Also, please remember to send in a signed application/renewal form with your dues: you can download the form from the CCC website at
http://canoe.freeshell.org/ccc_member_appl.rtf .
Kayaking Drop-in Sessions at Echo Hollow Pool
Every Thursday night 8:30 - 10:00 PM. Cost is $3.50/person. The pool is located at 1655 Echo Hollow in Eugene.

Oregon River Sports (334-0696) rents boats for the Echo Hollow Pool roll sessions for $8. You can pick boats up between 3-6 pm and return them Friday morning.
Next CCC Meeting at Track Town Pizza !
We're still looking for a new meeting space, so in the interim, the January meeting will be held at Track Town Pizza (so much for those new year resolutions...). Track Town is located at 1809 Franklin Blvd., Eugene 97403, just a bit north and east of the University of Oregon campus. 
Future CCC Meeting Place Update
Its still undetermined, however there are several viable options within our modest budget:

> The River House: Small but free. May have 1st Thursday conflict. Seats ~15.

> Buffalo Gals: Located at the Ctr for Appropriate Transport. Available for 1st Thur night meetings. Seats ~25; $7.50/hour.

> Local Schools: either South Eugene HS or Roosevelt MS. Several rooms available long term; $10/hour.

This issue will be addressed at upcoming meeting. If you can't make it call or email your suggestion(s).

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Jan. 7th - CCC 'Executive' Meeting and Social
Jan. 7th, 7:00pm

- Mull over future meeting location options
- Pizza & Beer/Soda!


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Eel Lake - Nov 16, 2002 - Omar Nelson
The weather forecast for Saturday, November 16 on the Central Oregon Coast.
Rain at times and winds out of the southwest with gusts up to 60 knots.
High temperature for the day mid 50's.

Sounded like an ok day to paddle for Phil, Robert, Cheryl, Omar and new
guest Bill. So off we went to the coast by way of Tomaselli's Deli and
Bakery in Elkton. After a stop for goodies and hot beverages we swung on
down to Eel Lake which is south of Winchester Bay and just north of Ten Mile
Lake. As we unloaded the canoes and gear we watched downbursts of wind hit
the water and spread in all directions.

"Oh well, it's not raining and there are no whitecaps, let's go paddling",
the intrepid canoeists warily whisper. And so paddle we did, just as the
wind decided it was time to start blowing for real and the sky decided to
think about falling. We paddled up the lake's west arm with the breeze at
our backs, staying close to shore and ducking into inlets to get out of the
increasing wind. About two thirds of the way up the arm the wind is really
howling and the tops are being blasted off the whitecaps that have blown up
out of nowhere.

We have two choices, continue on up the arm hoping the wind will ease or
turn back now and fight our way into the teeth of the gale. It didn't look
like the wind was going to get any less and it was starting to rain for real
so we wisely headed back. We struggled for every foot when we had to paddle
out in the open. At one point Phil in his solo Blue Hole canoe was paddling
forward furiously while being blown back about a hundred feet. At every
sheltered inlet we stopped, caught our breath and worked up our courage to
face the next onslought.

Just as we came out of the last sheltered spot before the exposed run back
to the dock the wind settled down letting us almost relax and enjoy our last
bit of paddling for the day. The rain picks up as we load up and we decide
that picnic lunch is out of the question. So we go to Winchester Bay and
have bowls of chowder at the pizza place at the marina. It was a wise
choice, the chowder was good and it was a lot more fun to be warm and dry
while watching the rain and wind from indoors.

Eel Lake is still a favorite place to paddle because even with the not great
weather the lake is a beautiful place to visit. There's good wildlife and
lovely woods and lots and lots of evergreen huckleberries. Let's do Eel
Lake in late September sometime so we can get lots of those great berries to

PS. Tomaselli's Bakery makes great fruit cake and will have it till
Christmas unless they sell out sooner.

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Welcome to RecTecK - Manhattan by kayak!
This site has some great photos of paddling around the Big Apple! I saw some of these folks back in 2001 when my wife and I visited the Statue of Liberty. Check out the graveyard of ships pics!


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December Meeting  Minutes
edited email from Horst)
- Eight folks at the meeting. Two of the eight were new members.
- Mari brought her new (soon-to-become) boat -- nice job!.
- Omar and Robert brought a bunch if interesting 'stuff', personal and club gear and gave an informative show& tell presentation on several of the items.
- Horst brought the write-up about 'how to deal with the rocket seat' and handed it over to Robert to be kept together with the THING. Robert actually brought the thing --so as usual, some entertaining Q/A's.
- Omar reminded of his Dec 15 trip.
- Next meeting: In Jan 2003 we'll only have an 'executive meeting' (i.e. mainly a social) at 7 pm at Track Town Pizza,.
-  Meeting place: we narrowed in on renting a room from the school system, maybe South Eugene-HS or Roosevelt-MS; 10$/h, several rooms to chose from, great flexibily and long-term avalability.

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