February Meeting Place Changed

Room 204

South Eugene High School

400 East 19th St.

Program for february

7:00 P.M., Tuesday, Feb. 6




Art Kleiner, owner of Artís Nautical Wood Works in Florence, has agreed to present a program on Building a Woodstrip Canoe. If there are particular aspects of this subject you would like to see discussed, e-mail your suggestion to canoe@efn.org.

Besides building woodstrip canoes, Art supplies materials and kits for their construction. He also has a line of handcrafted nautical items. Check out his website at www.artcanoes.com.

(ed. note: I drove over to Florence to checkout Artís shop ó well worth the trip. There were several plywood stitch & glue canoes on display, as well as a canoe cradle and a canoe bookcase.

We have a number of club members who have built their own boat. Bring them to the meeting to inspire others and so we can compliment you on the good job you did.)



Everyone has a favorite paddling place or a trip they have always wanted to try. The March meeting is the time and place to share information and wishes with others in the club. If we can get enough suggestions and wishes, we ought to be able to put together an active trip schedule for Spring and Summer. Whitewater, flatwater, in between water, coastal estuaries, high desert, wildlife refuges, close to home, far away, camping trips ó- where do you want to paddle?

If you donít think you will be able to make the meeting, e-mail your suggestions and wishlist to the webmaster. To date, the webmaster has been inundated with exactly zero suggestions.

(ed. note: If you check the trip report in this and those in the last several issues, you will notice we have a genuine mystic in our midst. Omar has the amazing ability to select dates for a trip when the weather at the trip site is spectacular even though it might be crummy in Eugene. Not quite sure how he does that. Trips led by Phil, on the other hand, have a slightly different ambience to them.If you go on one of Philís trips, be sure you have very good raingear, an excellent map, a GPS and two days extra food. On his last trip, he persuaded the group to take a short hike over the dunes to the ocean. Unfortunately, the ocean had receded about three or four miles from where it was supposed to be. Of course, a ten mile slog through the sand really is a good way to start the day, except for the two who are still unaccounted for. Actually, Philís trips are always to some interesting places, like the tide rip he took me through on the Coquille.)


April Program

Our former president-elect, Lana Lindstrom, has promised to present a slideshow of her recent paddling and hiking trip to New Zealand.

New Editor In March

Gary Stancil has agreed to take over the editorship of the newsletter beginning with the March issue. Gary has many years of experience behind him. Unfortunately, like the current editor, none of it has anything to do with newsletters. This is how we insure we have a fresh and different look to our newsletter. You hardly ever see any like this one.

Please be sure to complement Gary on his good looks and charming manner. Also mention that the boats he builds are absolutely smashing. (His skills at this have progressed to the point that the last one he built actually floated.)

From experience, I know Gary will appreciate any contributions you care to make in the way of articles or notices. You can e-mail your items through the Website. Omar, Robert, Phil and Harstace have been very good about contributing, though Horstace sometimes gets mixed up and sends his contributions in German, and, since I only read Sanskrit, the result can be a bit garbled.


Trip Reports

"Are we being looney?" we wondered as we gathered in the cold damp air at Alton Baker Park. Yes, we decided, hoping the weather near the coast would be warmer. A stop at Thomasini's Pastry and Cafe in Elkton gathered the group back together and warmed us with hot beverages and great pastries.

Phil Backman, Barb Keller, Denise Goldfarb, Dick Cross, Robert Horner and myself almost got completely taken in with the comfortable ambiance and good eats until Barb said "Are we going paddling or what." Despite the temptation of 'or what' we trundled off to Loon Lake. This landslide caused lake is 7 miles south of the Umpqua River between Scottsburg and Reedsport. There is geologic evidence that the lake was formed only about 1500 years ago. Its nearly 300 acres are water ski heaven in the summer but in the winter is a quiet and peaceful place. There is a resort and rental cabins on the east side of the lake and private cabins dot the west side.

As the BLM campground and boat launch at the north end of the lake was closed we put on at the boat launch and dock at the south end. Phil led us up Lake Creek. He had logged in this area and was curious how far up the creek we could paddle. We were able to slowly meander a mile or so before being blocked by a tree fallen across the creek. We meandered back to the launch area for lunch before starting our exploration of the lake. Loon Lake is enjoyable to paddle. It is in the shape of an open "S" surrounded by wooded hills with rock faces covered with ferns and on the east side, amazing round turrets of rock. We saw Cormorants, Kingfishers, Mallards, Mergansers, Canada Geese, a wonderful tiny Winter Wren and bunches of other little grey and brown birds.

It was a great day. We chatted our way around the lake in various groups. It seemed a good day to visit as well as a good day to paddle. Thanks much to Dick for letting Barb and me paddle in his solo canoe. It was fun. The more I paddle solo the more I know I want to have a solo boat of my very own.

On the way out most of us stopped at the Mill Creek outlet to look at the landslide that created the lake. The road crosses Mill Creek at the landslide. On one side of the bridge we look down 20 feet or so to the giant boulders and on the other side of the narrow bridge we looked down a dizzying distance. Many of us stopped at Thomasini's for another round of goodies and good times before braving the freeway back to river city. A good day was had by all and we weren't so looney after all. It was warmer at Loon Lake and we even saw a little sunshine.