December 2001 VOLUME VIII NUMBER 12
December Meeting

Tue. Dec. 4 . Horst will present a show and tell on the Hanford reach section of the Columbia River. This is the last free flowing part of the Columbia River, with the spectacular White Bluffs and several Wildlife Refuges on one side of the river, and the mothballed reactors of the Hanford site on the other side. To get an idea check and select Visual Tour, White Bluffs.

This is also the time of year to elect new officers , or some officers, for the canoe club. So you better attend.

Trip Report

November 17. Robert, Pam, Dick, Mari, and Phil met Alan, a member from Florence, at the county boat ramp on Siltcoos Lake. With two canoes and three kayaks, we started down Siltcoos Outer passing a few houses. On smooth green water we wound around under bridges, through thick coast forest and past dunes where otters had created long slides down into the water. A few fish jumped, or rolled at the surface. The sun shone. We portaged over the dam, climbing up one side, then lifting our canoes across and sliding them down the ramp on the other side. The only other obstacle was a tree that was almost across the river, leaving just enough room for one boat at a time to get through. After more beautiful forest and dunes, we could see waves pounding on the beach as we paddled through the estuary. Close to the mouth of the outlet a herd of seals lay on the beach, flopping into the water as we got out of our boats. They proceeded to thrash around after fish, while a large flock of seagulls was diving into the water. Going upstream against the tide and a stiff wind out of the east, we zigzagged our way through six canoes that some Boyscouts were attempting to steer. Great blue herons croaked at us. Once upstream a ways, the wind did not bother us until we hit the lake. Waves rolled under us and some pretty good gusts hit us broadside. We were glad we did not have to go across the lake. Chowder at Mo’s topped off a great day!

---Pam Fletcher

Related News

River Guardian Training:

Willamette Riverkeeper announces the next River Guardian Training on December 8, 10a.m.-2p.m., in the American Diabetes Association Conference Room, 380 SE Spokane St. in Portland.

Volunteers in Willamette Riverkeeper’s River Guardian Program serve as voices for change on the river. They are citizens from Eugene to Portland who patrol a mile of the river on a monthly basis watching for fish kills, illegal dumping, spills and other issues that may affect the health and water quality of the Willamette. In addition River Guardians form a network of concerned citizens willing to work toward solutions to the problems they find and to speak out on behalf of the river throughout the Willamette Valley.

The free training is open to anyone interested in getting involved or finding out more about the River Guardian Program. At the training, participants learn how they can get involved in Willamette Riverkeeper’s work to protect and restore the Willamette and get all the information they need to start patrolling their miles of the river. Lunch is provided.

For more info. Call(503) 223-6418 or

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First Tues. in Jan. is Jan. 1 something we might want to talk about in Dec.

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