August 1998 Volume V Number 7.


!!!!!! Summer Meeting!!!!!!

Sept.1st D Street Springfield - At the start of the canoe canal. @6:30pm

Bring finger foods and your Canoe. Remember to bring pictures for the canoe club album


First Tuesday of every month, 6:30 p.m. Various boating sites

Watch Newsletter for details

First Tuesday of every month, 6:30 p.m.

Episcopal Church of the Resurrection

3925 Hilyard St., Eugene

Eugene Celebration Information Booth Set for Sept 19th.

Our club info table will need persons to spread the good word about canoeing, club activities, and anything else related to paddling. The commitment is for two hours. The location of the booth is not known to me yet, but I will tell everyone on the sign-up list when the celebration committee sends out the information. Please letís get some volunteers for this so a few (like me) are not stuck at the table all week-end. I reported before that the table would be set up on Saturday, but it runs through Sunday, too. So give me a call!!! Robt. 342-2246


Notes from the Prez:

By Robt. Horner

I hope you all have had an enjoyable summer of paddling and camping. We sure have had! As I prepare for my last adventure before going back to my school work, Iím just setting on my deck, listening to the blues, preparing for the picnic, and reflecting on this Summer. Weíve camped at Hosmer lake, at the coast and even had the tent set up in our own back yard. My final adventure is a backpacking trip to Horse lake in the Sisters Wilderness. Although I went paddling in a rented canoe as a kid, I was mostly a camper and then a backpacker before I re-discovered paddling and the fun in building canoes and paddles. Now I do both the hiking and the paddling and love both. I just enjoy the outdoors and continue to marvel at the beauty which abounds in the mountains and coastline of Oregon. As my Cascade Canoe Club President term comes to the final portage in November, it is important that the leadership is passed on to some enthusiastic energetic paddler. I look forward to being just a participant on club outings and being active as a club member. If the club is going to survive it will not be because of the work of a few; but the involvement of the majority. My past has taught me these lessons. So I hope these thoughts reach some individual with the energy and outlook to portage on, come November. It got me paddling more often, offered some lasting experiences and friendships and has just been fun, fun, fun.

So letís keep it going !!!- Robert, Prez and happy paddler.


A Recent Outing in the Wilderness:

By Robt. Horner

I teamed up with an old friend Janchie to do a trip in the Waldo Wilderness in early August. It turned out to be an adventure that tested our 50 plus bodies to the max, how do you do it Herb?

Anyway, the plan was to paddle across Waldo Lake to the "Dam Camp", and backpack into the second Eddeeleo Lake with canoe and gear, plus be happy paddlers/campers while doing so.

First we missed the lagoon going into the "Dam Camp" and paddled all the way to the "other dam" pass Rhododendron Island where we saw Sandra Melinder "working" at her Forest Service job; actually they were taking a lunch break and swimming at the Dam. So we had to correct that goof and finally made it to the Dam Camp by early afternoon. Our problems had only just begun.

Next, we seriously under-estimated how hard it would be to pack our gear and the canoe into the wilderness, about 3 miles. We made it too the first Eddeeleo Lake our bodies refusing to go any further. We stayed four nights and actually had a good time fishing, day-hiking and swimming. Sometimes even the ridiculous turns out to be good times and worth it in the end.

I guess our lesson to be re-learned was that step by painful step we would be rewarded finally by wilderness, the full moon, and diving off the rocks at Quinn Lake if we continued to plod along the trail.

Thanks Janchie, for being committed to getting there and the joys we had in the Waldo Wilderness once we arrived.


Trip Notices:

Aug 29 & 30, Upper Deschutes:

This moving, but flat water trip is from

Tetherow Landing to the Sunriver area. Probably car camp in-between.

To reserve the limited spaces, call Lana at 683-1409.

October 3rd - Clear Lake:

Leader Mary Jane Battin.

On Saturday Oct. 3rd, we will join the Obsidians and canoe this beautiful lake. If the timing is right the red and yellow vine maple will be in full brilliant color. This cold clear lake is the headwaters of the McKenzie River. We will meet at the east end of the South Eugene High School parking lot at 8:30am. We will take Highway 126 and park, launch, and lunch at Clear Water Cove campground at the south end of the lake. (turn off Highway 126 just before you get to the lake). Bring lunch, rain gear, extra sweater and the usual canoe equipment. Life preservers are required. Please notice the different meeting place. MJB


North Umpqua Trip

Leaders: Marie & Kenny Jones & Susie Kerr will do a trip on the N. Umpqua & Momís Pie to Martins Rapids

If interested call 683-2782


Deschutes River

Horst Lueck is looking for paddling partners on the Deschutes River in September. Exact time and stretch open for discussion with interested boaters. Call 687 5796.



Canoe for sale - Wynona Spirit II, 17ft,

fiberglass - $650.00

Call Marie 683-7796