AUGUST 2001 Volume VIII Number 8

August Meeting

We will meet at Island Park at 6:30 on Tuesday August 7th. Paddling on the river off shore or circumnavigate the island for the adventurous. River provided, bring food and fun.


Willamette River Cleanup - River Road Neighborhood

On a sunny Saturday, June 30, 50 to 60 people showed up for this
event. Kit Kirkpatrick, the first-time organizer, did a wonderful job in
mobilizing the community, and getting the following sponsors
involved: Food for Lane County, Fred Meyer, Sanipac, Ace Toilets, Les
Schwab and Lane County. The River Road Neighborhood Association became an
official Stream Team Adoption Group on this stretch of the Willamette and
will be doing two projects per year. Kit also wrote and was awarded a
City of Eugene Neighborhood Matching Grant to supply organic fruit and
other snacks for the volunteers, help with advertising, etc. Laura Kemp
played acoustic guitar.
So much about the fun -- now to the 'dirty part': there were 4 boats, lots
of people by foot, folks on bikes with trailers, and a city truck
patrolling the bike pass and picking up the big pieces. This made it
really efficient for the boaters since we could simply go on shore when
the boat was full and drop the stuff off at the bike pass to be picked up
by the 'foot soldiers'. I would like to see that system employed next year
with more boaters covering a longer stretch of the river. Lorna Baldwin
from the Stream Team would be the person to contact for organizing the
logistics: Error! Bookmark not defined. / 682-4850.
The low water level helped in finding 'treasures' that remained hidden in
previous years -- another argument for moving the cleanup from Earthday
further into the warmer season. - Horst


Willamette River, Jasper to Island Park

On the longest Friday night of the year, June 22, seven of us (Dick, his
daughter Franny and her sweet dog; Gisela; Mike and
Donna; Horst) continued where Lana's previous FriNite float took out. The
conditions were quite different: while 6 weeks ago the water level was the
highest I have ever seen in late Spring this time the flow was 1150 cfs
(Dexter; average for that day is 2500 cfs) and Dick who was paddling one
of his precious canvas canoes had good reason to be concerned about the
paint at the bottom of his boat while sneaking through half a dozen gravel
The Jasper-Clearwater stretch is clear of logs and major obstacles, but
the Clearwater-Island Park stretch has some logs and narrow channels
close(!!!!! *) to overgrown vegetation (mostly river right) that suggest
scouting and/or careful maneuvering, respectively. About 1 mile past
Clearwater, and past the first long island, is a fairly pushy log jam
followed by a longer stretch of vegetation extending into the main current
(left side). Half of us decided to walk their boats over the gravel bar
river right (short & easy).
The 10 mi. float took us three and a half hours (snack break included) and
we reached the Glenwood turn just in time to watch a beautiful sunset
followed by a crescent moon sooo slim that I had to clean my glasses and

look again to believe it.

Re: (!!!!! *) -- the number of exclamation marks indicate the number of
'swimming events' I remember from the past two years due to involuntary
tree/bush hugging of overgrown vegetation.

- Horst.


Celebrate! Sept. 14-16

Its once again time to share our water adventures and spread the word
about our club's activities at our booth in the community causeway. This
event is called the Eugene Celebration or 'how to get crazy Eugene style
via juggling, face painting, music and art, more food offerings than we
could or should consume' in our community. Part of all this fun and
gaiety is the community causeway where non-profit organizations such as
ours pass out information to all celebration frolic-ers. This will be
our fourth year and the way it works is we split up Sat. and Sun. in two
hour increments starting at 9am on Sat. So its 9am-11am, 11am-1pm,
1pm-3pm, 3pm-5pm, and 5pm-7pm on Sat. AND on Sun. its 11am-1pm, 1pm-3pm,
3pm-5pm. Please volunteer if you can. Its really fun and painless and
the more you volunteer, the less we have to phone people to ask. Just a
two hour commitment and you can team up with a friend if you like to
talk about your summer activities. Literature about the club will be
available to pass out and maybe even my ginger bread canoes. Contact:
Robert 342-2246


15'7" Red Cedar and White Pine strip canoe with deer horn cleats. Was built
for white water but owner couldn't bear to use it for that. Need to sell.
$2500 OBO or trade for 750 cc or larger motorcycle.

Cascade Paddles and Portage/hiking Staffs made to order- you choose the length, style and type of woods, over a dozen blade styles to pick from. Bent or Straight. Pick from an inventory of paddles and staffs in stock, both strong and light. Robert 342-2246

CLUB MEETINGS; First Tuesday of each month.

Fall, Winter, Spring; 7:P.M. at Episcopal Church of the Resurrection 3926 Hilyard St.


Summer; 6:30 P.M. potluck at various nearby paddle locations.

CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE; What you will find: Updated information on club trips, paddling reports and notes, newsletter archive, paddling events planned by other groups a gallery of images and links, links, links. Want to be published or have news of interest to paddlers: Check the site for submission guidelines.

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