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- April 2003 -

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Welcome to the April Newsletter!
Hey - its Spring! We had a pretty good trip planning session at the last meeting, but I'd still like to hear from the other 90% of you. What lakes/rivers/bays would you like to paddle? You can send your suggestions to jeffwoodall "at" myrealbox "dot" com . Better yet, come to the next meeting and participate in Trip Planning - Round 2.
-the editor

---: News :---    

CCC Weekend, Aug 22-24
A club gathering has been planned (tentatively) at Summit Lake for the weekend of August 22th through the 24th. Summit lake is in the Cascade range and approximately two hours from Eugene off OR-58. There is a small primative campground (no potable water; vault toilets) which appears to be fee-free. The lake is stocked with trout but is shallow and consequentally not popular with power boaters - perfect for canoes! There is also some excellent hiking opportunities. More details to be announced.
link: USFS Summit Lake Page

Antietam Bridge

Floating the Antietam - Spring 2001
photo by Rich Wiegand.

The Battle of Antietam was the bloodiest single day of battle in American history (23,000 soldiers killed or wounded). Much of the blood was spilled into the Antietam here at the Burnside Bridge.

---: Schedule :---    

CCC Meeting - April 1st (no fool'in!)
Agenda: Continuation of trip planning
**new location**
South Eugene High School, Room 202
400 East 19th Avenue
Eugene, OR
Mar. 4th, 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Directions: See www.sehs.lane.edu

Tahkenitch Creek - April 26
Flatwater day trip. Tahkenitch Creek is on the Oregon coast, about 12 miles south of Florence. Be prepared to portage around a few log jams. Current and tidal influences can be largely ignored. Put-in is 100+ yards below the trailhead.
Contact Horst at canoe@freeshell.org or 687-5796

Fish Lake/Clear Lake - May 10th
Easy paddle on either or both of these lakes in the Cascade range.
Leader: TBA

Green River - May 1-10 (tentative)

(from the email list)

Greeting boaters.
I'm organizing a canoe trip thru Canyonlands National Park on the very 
very very scenic Green River from about May 1-10.  This is a flat section
of the Green; there are no rapids.  However, there can be wind and depending
on water level, one may have to catch an eddy in order to stop at camp!
I did this trip 3 years ago for 6 days and I want to go back for a
longer period of time. 
It takes about 20 hours to drive to Moab, Utah which is where the trip originates.
There will be at least 3 lay-over days with plenty of hiking. 
If you're interested, give me a call or e-mail me.

Riverhouse Trip Schedule
The Riverhouse has the following classes and trips scheduled:

1.    John Day River trip May 29-June 1 pretrip May 21. $340. Service
      Creek to Clarno. Transportation provided, raft supported.
2.    Willamette River overnight Aug 23/24, pretrip Aug 18. $114.
3.    Coyote Creek June 21. $20
4.    Santiam River Aug 2. $52
5.    Clear Lake Aug 9. $36
6.    Canoe basics June 10 (evening), June 14 (day)
7.    Canoe basics July 29(evening), Aug 3 (day)
8.    Canoe river combo July 16 (evening), July 19/20 (day)
9.    Kayak 1 lesson series evening July 17,24. River session July 26,27
10.   Kayak 1 lesson series evening Aug 7,14. River session Aug 16,17
Call 682-5329 for more info or visit www.ci.eugene.or.us/rec.

---: Reports :---    

Calapooia River Trip Report

Calapooia River, McKercher Park to Brownsville (Soggy Sneakers #88)
Reference gauge: S.Santiam - below Cascadia; ~2500 cfs
Distance: 7 miles ;  Time: ~2 hours
Participants: Phil, Mari, Jeff

The weather was good: cloudy but not raining, temperature in the 50s. We
met in the Pioneer Park parking lot in Brownsville, the take-out. After
sizing up the take-out, we transfered the boats and gear to Phil's truck
and headed East on OR-228 to McKercher Park (actually a small gravel
lot just west of the park). The lot overlooks "Dollar Drop" rapids,
a Class III+ boulder garden which drops into a narrow basalt shoot - out
of our league. A short path led down to a sandy beach below the rapids -
a good put-in for our run. BTW, McKercher Park is small but very scenic
and makes a great place to finish up the trip with a picnic.

The Calapooia was running at a good clip - maybe 4 mph. Several wave
trains greeted us right off at the first bend. Some wood in the river,
but nothing too tricky. Four miles down (where Warren Creek enters
the Calapooia) we encountered the ~6' high weir, requiring some quick
accessment (absolutly portage; river right). The portage isn't too
difficult: pull far right into the overflow spillway, scramble up a small
slope, then down some basalt to a rocky bank below the weir. The worst
thing about it (the weir) is that it sneaks up on you and almost looks
runnable from upstream (don't do it!). This coupled with fast current
requires paddlers to be very attentive. The weir can be easily scouted
from dirt lot off OR-228.

Below the weir the Calapooia is somewhat shallower: rocks were visible
and at least one gravel bar scraped our bottoms. At approximately 6 miles
from the put-in a slightly tricky Class 1+ rapid was encountered and
run river-left (river-right looked rocky). The take-out (river-right)
came shortly after passing under the green Brownsville bridge. It was
a somewhat long carry from the take-out to the parking lot due to gates
being locked (apparently its off-season for much of the park).

All in all, a nice wet season run - just watch out for that weir!


---: Misc :---    

Outdoor/Water Safety Classes at OSU Recreation Center

OSU Rec Center is offering the following classes:

Swiftwater Rescue Certification Course
An intensive three day course has one day of classroom instruction
followed by two days on and in the river.  The initial emphasis is on
self-rescue skills, essential to being able to help in the rescue of
others.  Included are water dynamics, hazard recognition, basic rescue
equipment and technical rope systems, and more.  Rescue III International
Certification is included in this course.  The initial meeting of the
class will be on Friday April 4 at 8 A.M. at the ORC.
Fee: $340 ; April 4-6

Wilderness First Aid
This two-day course introduces first aid and long term patient care. It
is an ideal introduction for trip leaders, summer camp employees,
and anyone who spends time in outdoor pursuits. The 16-hour curriculum
covers the basics of outdoor emergency care with an emphasis on extended
care situations. This course may be used to re-certify as a wilderness
first responder as long as your current certification has not expired.
Fee:$145 ; April 12-13,  May 10-11

For registration information or additional details, please contact
Tim O'Brien at tim.o.brien@recsport.orst.edu or 541-737-8879.

Kayaking Drop-in Sessions at Echo Hollow Pool
The pool is open every Thursday night 8:30 - 10:00 PM.
Cost is $3.50/person.
The pool is located at 1655 Echo Hollow in Eugene.

Oregon River Sports (334-0696) rents boats for the Echo Hollow
Pool roll sessions for $8. You can pick boats up between 3-6 pm and
return them Friday morning.

---: Feedback :---    

March Meeting Minutes

  • Second meeting at new location. 12 members in attendance.
  • Conducted informal poll regarding trip ideas, etc.
  • Planned several trips, including a CCC Weekend gathering.
  • Discussed ssh port forwarding (geek stuff).

Newsletter Contributions Wanted
Got something to add? Anything remotely canoeing-related is welcome. Photos, stories, tips, whatever,
can be send it to the editor - aka Jeff Woodall - at jeffwoodall "at" myrealbox "dot" com .