Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2002 23:02:33 -0800 (PST)
From: Cascade Canoe Club
Subject: tonight's April meeting


We had a good trip planning meeting tonight. Phil volunteered to be the
organizer of two trips (and host of one!), and Barbara took notes -- so
expect some announcements soon, either on this list, or on the Web site,
or in the local papers.
I saw several new faces, and two people joined on the spot.

So before the new boating season starts let me attach a few clips I had
collected for the newsletter (which hasn't happened for a couple of

See you on the water ......................... Horst.

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From: []

An opportunity for survey work to be done.

Seen Any Turtles?

The Western Pond Turtle Working Group (a consortium of natural
resource agencies) is updating a database of turtle locations in
the Willamette Valley. If you've seen turtles anywhere in the
region from Portland to Cottage Grove, including foothills of the
Coast Range and Cascades (below 1500 ft.), please describe
locations (lat-long or driving directions).

Also contact if you'd like a property checked (for free) this
summer. Note that no freshwater turtle species in Oregon are
legally listed as Threatened or Endangered.

Dr. Paul Adamus
Consulting Wildlife Biologist
6028 NW Burgundy Dr.
Corvallis, OR 97330

Email: adamus7_AT_attbi_DOT_com


Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2002 16:11:04 -0800
From: Milt Donelson
To: Cascade Canoe Club
Subject: Willamette River Canoe & Kayak Race

The 3 Corvallis Kiwanis Clubs and the OSU Circle K Club are co-sponsoring
our 2nd annual Willamette Canoe & Kayak Race to be held on May 11, 2002.

We were hoping that members of the Cascade Canoe Club might visit the
2002 Canoe Race site at - http://home.attbi_DOT_com/~mtdonelson/ - and
share some of their expertise and suggestions as to how we can make this
year's event even more successful than last years. Any tips you wish to
share would be grealy appreciated!

We would also hope that you could pass on this link to any of your
WKCCmembers who might be interested in participating this year.

Email or give me call if you have any questions -

Milt & Toni Donelson, Co-Chairs
Willamette River Canoe & Kayak Race
Phone (541) 738-2410


Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 15:35:48 -0800
From: Steve_B.
Subject: Johnday river

I am building a two person pontoon boat that will have 19" X 14' pontoons
with a frame that is adjustable in length and width.. I am most
interested, at this time, in floating the Clarno/CW bridge leg of the
Johnday river, which I have never done. I am wondering how wide to make
the boat for different CFS and how much portaging to expect at different
levels. I would, obviously, be much wider than a canoe but could be as
narrow as 50 inches if I had to.
Any info that you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Steve B.

Guidelines for :


Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 06:46:31 -0800 (PST)
From: robert horner
Subject: Hosmer Lake

The annual camp-out at Hosmer Lake will happen June 21-27; at least
those are the dates we will be there. Its a great flat water canoeing
area with lots of opportunities for fishing, swimming and birding. The
campgrounds are tolerable and the views are what they make post-cards
from. Come and join us for all or part or this 10th anniversary (for
us, anyway) of enjoying this area. Paper plates will be posted as to
our campsite location and possibly a pot-luc or two will be hastily
thrown together or at least some smores constructed. Let us know if you
plan on coming over and when. Robert and Cheryl

From ba_keller_AT_hotmail_DOT_com Mon May 13 21:29:50 2002
Date: Mon, 08 Apr 2002 17:35:56 -0700
From: barbara keller
Subject: Earth Day event

Cascade Canoe Club members -

At our April meeting we discussed ways to be more active as a club. Besides
increasing planned trips, this month Cascade Canoe Club will be
participating in Earth Day activities in Delta Ponds. We will be working
with the City's Stream Team and assisting Downtown Lions Club members from
our boats in the water to remove debris from the ponds. And if you haven't
explored them yet you will be amazed at the extent of the ponds and the
wildlife that calls them home. So please join us.

When: Saturday, April 20
Clean up is from 9:30am til noon ( please arrive with plenty
of time to launch beforehand )
Also, at 8:30 local birding legend Steve Gordon will lead a bird
identification walk at the same location, if you would
like to come early and join it too.
Where: Launch at the interpretive area on the East side of
Goodpasture Island road, just north of the last car
dealership. You will be allowed vehicle access for
launching, but then are asked to move your car about a
block north across the street to Alexander Loop.
Contact: Lorna Baldwin, City of Eugene Stream Team Coordinator
682-4850 or
Please let her know you'll be participating. She'll also
be able to answer any of your logistical questions
Other: The City of Eugene will be taking care of debris removal and
providing long-handled grabbers, but you may want high
rubber boots and plastic bags for your boat.
There are a number of nesting pairs of geese, so please be
The City also will be providing a snack for everyone at noon.

I'm looking forward to seeing a number of lovely folks and their canoes out
that Saturday. See you there.

Barbara Keller, Cascade Canoe Club event contact (344-8052)


Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 10:11:28 -0700 (PDT)
From: Cascade Canoe Club
Subject: Trip report and other news

Attached are a trip report from Phil and two announcements that ended
up in our mailbox.


By Phil:
On Saturday April 13 nine intrepid souls braved the rains of a
typical Oregon April day to paddle from Armitage Park to Harrisburg.
Cougar Reservoir was being dumped so the McKenzie River was really
rolling along. The good news was, we did the trip in less than three
hours with almost no paddlling; the bad news was, there were almost
no easy rest(room) spots and several channels were almost completely
blocked by brush, trees, and rootwads.
Lunch was at Marshall Island Boat Ramp in a steady rain, but there
was a ramp, an eddy, a table, and a restroom - - - what more could a
person possibly want?
As nearly as I could tell a good time was had by all. We had four
guests; Carolyn (Corvallis), Jane (Springfield), Clarence (Florence),
and Joe (Eugene). Omar, Robert, Horst, Lana, and Phil were the
hosts. Final score: weatherman 1--Phil 0.


In addition, we saw 2 Bald Eagles (except Omar who spotted 3 or 4),
countless Great Blue Herons in several rookeries, a Turkey Vulture
congregation on a nearby Cottonwood tree. But all got topped off by
one Osprey landing on top of another one -- sorry, but you will
understand, I can't go into further details here...
- Horst


Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2002 19:42:46 EDT
From: SunValleyRiver_AT_aol_DOT_com
Subject: Middle Fork of the Salmon Paddling Adventure

Hello I am Brad Frei and I am a member of the Oregon Kayak and Canoe
I also am an outfitter on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Central
We specialize in kayak support trips on this fabulous river during our
June launches. We have several openings available and since it is getting
late we are offering them now for 1/2 price. Thus some people can get a
fully catered 5 day excursion on the Middle Fork for only $658. Al anyone
needs to do is show up with their clothes and paddling gear and we will
take care of everything.
We will feature delicious HOT meals three times each day. By the time
everyone arrives in camp after a world class day of paddling and enjoying
the numerous hot springs, they will find camp set up and waiting with the
hot shower erected and the wine chilled. Anyone can check out the details
at www.sunvalleyriver_DOT_com.

Do you have any way to disperse this offer to your group? I would be
happy to discuss any options and would very much appreciate any help in
letting people know about this great opportunity.

Brad Frei
Sun Valley River Co.

Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 16:17:11 -0700
From: Marty & Sara Leigh
To: Angie Evans
Subject: OWA Cookbook Announcement

Oregon Whitewater Association (OWA), a registered non-profit group of 200
rafters/kayakers based in the Portland, OR area, has published a cookbook
of over 130 recipes.
Our members have pooled together proven recipes (for breakfast, lunch,
and dinner) from many years of experience. These include quick, easy meal
ideas, "ice-free" meals, Dutch Oven recipes, how to purify river water for
drinking, and other helpful information.
Price is only $10 plus $3 for S/H. Make out a check to OWA. Send check
and order to:

%Gail Sparwasser
995 Cornell Ave.
Gladstone, OR 97027
(503) 656-2855

Guidelines for :


Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 23:47:39 -0700 (PDT)
From: Cascade Canoe Club
Subject: 2 trips (Coos Bay, Mohawk), 1 meeting, 1 HowTo-NOT report

All, attached are 2 trip announcements and a reminder for the monthly
meeting, as posted on the web. I also added an accident report I picked
up on the white-water list (something to learn from).

Finally, this is the last reminder this season to renew your membership
since I like to get the phone/boat/etc-list finished and sent out to all
paying members.
We currently have 50+ people on this list and about 20 paying club
members. The money is used to pay for web account (EFN), rent for meeting
places and events - and when we have extra resources to buy club
equipment like 1st-aid kit, throw ropes, rocket seat (portable out-
house), and other cool things that can be checked out for trips.
Many Thanks to EFN (Eugene Free Net) for the $10/month special rate for
non-profit organizations -- free of commercial advertising !
I am aware that some of you on this list just like to stay in loose
contact and informed, without becoming a club member -- that's OK too
(i.e. it's not my intention to guilt-trip anybody).
Also, email addresses on the ccc-list are not given to anybody and only
accessible to the list administrator.
Personally, I enjoy the ccc-list as it is, a low-traffic announcement
list, rather than a chatty discussion list.

Seeya on the water ..................... Horst.

And ja, thanks to Barbara Keller who coordinated the Delta Ponds cleanup
on Earth Day together with the Eugene Stream Team, and to everybody who
came and helped. We had a great turn-out, and the ponds look much nicer

Guidelines for :

May meeting -- Tue, May 7th:
Alton Baker Canoe Canal, 6:30 pm -- bring boat, paddle, finger-food-
If the weather is really crummy we'll meet half a mile away at the
shelter, south-east end of Duck Pond parking lot, Alton Baker
... and work on all the goodies you have prepared!

Tue, Apr 30, 2002 (10am - open end) Mohawk River, NE of Springfield;
Float from the town of Marcola to Harvest/Rodakowski Landing on the
Note, this is not the stretch #83 as described in Soggy Sneakers - it
is easier, but still not a beginner's run.
Class II moving water skills are required, the ability to maneuver and
back-paddle, and to stop before obstacles
(downed trees, etc.).
Initiator: Mike Bebout, to join contact (don't reply to the
entire list)

Fri/Sat, May 10-11: Coos Bay Estuary Trip
We will meet Friday afternoon-evening at "Phil's Mom's House" , three
miles south of Coos Bay on highway 101. We will choose a tide-
appropriate trip Friday night and paddle on Saturday.
Sunday is also an option if at least three boats can agree on a place
to go. The first ten people to sign-up get to sleep in the house; - - if
there are more they can tent in the yard.
If more than six people sign-up we will decide how to eat -- cafes,
cook our own, potluck Friday and pack lunch for saturday, or some
combination agreeable to all.
For information and sign-up call Phil at 344-8587.

############ from the white-water list: #################

Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 20:31:39 EDT
From: Rvrrunners_AT_cs_DOT_com
To: PDXkayaker_AT_yahoogroups_DOT_com, okcc_AT_egroups_DOT_com,
Subject: Fwd: [OWA] Molalla

From: "Shaull, Val & Linda"

I just got off the phone with a friend of mine who lives on the Molalla.
He was up at the accident site shortly after it happened this past
weekend. From what he told me this seems like a check list of things to
do so you will drown. The boaters had scouted some of the river but were
drinking as they did. Some of the people in the party didn't know the guy
who died. The rafter didn't have a spare oar, helmet or good whitewater
gear. They were in class 5 water (over 7' on the gauge), with a class 5+
swim, with a standard floor (non selfbailer) raft and very small cats (6')
(They called their selves "experienced rafters".) (If this group had any
"experience" at all they would have gone home and run the Molalla when the
water was a whole lot lower and then with somebody who knew the river.)
The group that got out of the water didn't even know the person in the
raft had been tossed out, they didn't know where he was at. They had not
seen him since he put in and he was the most "experienced". My friend said
he figured he was tossed out of the boat because the raft was right side
up with the cooler open, with beer still in it. This guy thought he would
be able to drink a beer in this kind of water!!?? I don't know what these
guys were thinking but they were better off playing Russian Roulette with
a bullet in 5 of the six chambers! I worry that people who do the
Deschutes from Warm Springs to the mouth think that it is class 4 water.
(Excluding Sherar's Falls). Some guide books list some of the rapids as
class 4, but anyone that reads the definition of class 3 know that
anything in this section is easy class 3. These guy thought they were
"experienced" because they had done the Deschutes. The bottom line is know
the river you're on, know you're limits, and have the right equipment,
boat and safety gear. These guys fail all of these miserably! Val Shaull


Date: Thu, 9 May 2002 15:53:19 -0700 (PDT)
From: Cascade Canoe Club
Subject: last Tuesday's meeting / what's next? / plus more


Last Tuesday at the Canoe Canal -- good turnout at our first outdoor
meeting this season:
8 boats, 9.4 paddlers, 1.6 non-paddlers (rounded to one decimal point);
weather was great, and food even better!
In addition to all the goodies we also passed around a number of trip
proposals, but due to the absence of individual calendars and
uncertainties of other events we couldn't nail down dates for some of the
trips. So either wait for postings on the web, or take the initiative and
propose a trip using this list - see also Mari's letter below!

If you have renewed your membership you will have also received a new
phone list via email. If you didn't please us know at
- Horst

- Phil's trip this weekend; see web.
- June 4th (Tue) meeting at Coyote Creek (details and map will be posted
on web).
- Willamette Dexter -> Jasper -> Island Park (either one long or two
half-day trips coming 'soon' (?)
- a full moon trip ...
- John Day River, Service Creek to Clarno, starting the Friday of the
Memorial Day wkend (May 24) would get us ahead of the crown. The trip
would be self-supported and we would spend 2 nights on the river. Please
send statement of interest to by Thu 16 --we will then
discuss details.


A note from Mari:
... Below are the dates and times I can boat. I'm hoping a club trip
or 2 could be scheduled on these dates.

May 10, Friday, anytime
May 15, Wednesday, daytime, I can't boat in the evening
May 21, Tuesday, daytime, I can't boat in the evening
May 26, Sunday, anytime
May 27, Monday, anytime
June Saturday afternoons or Sundays. I can't boat the first weekend.

I'm interested in a trip from Dexter Dam down, from Fall Creek dam down,
and other nearby rivers, Mari

Either contact Mari directly or send email to if you don't
have her address.


Date: Fri, 3 May 2002 12:57:10 -0700
From: Holly Cabell
To: Cascade Canoe Club
Subject: Canoe paddles

We are decreasing our large supply of canoe paddles. Can the club
itself use paddles?
Holly Cabell
PO Box 23701, Eugene 97402


Omar has forwarded a message from Paul Caruso who volunteers at
the River House. It is about River Cleanup & Appreciation Day, Sat 5/18 .
Maybe some club members might be interested in helping out.

From: Paul & Marcia
Subject: Down By the Riverside
Date: Mon, Apr 29, 2002, 11:26 PM

SOLV is sponsoring a River Cleanup & Appreciation Day on Sat 5/18 9-1:00.
There are selected sites all over the state. The following are in our
with a contact #. Please pass this along to who ever would be

33 Dorena Lake (Meet @ Harms Park (boats welcome)) 942-5631
34 Baker Bay (Dorena Lake) 682-2000
35 Garden Lake Park (Coast Fork Will R.) 895-6020
36 Orchard Point Park (Fern Ridge) 682-2000
37 Richardson Park (Fern Ridge) 682-2000
38 West D & Greenway (Will R. (Meet @ D & Aspen)) 736-4130
39 Hendricks Bridge (McK R.) 682-2000
40 Leaburg Fish Hatchery (McK R.) 682-2000
41 Ben & Kay Dorris Park (McK R.) 682-2000